Saturday, July 23, 2011

White House Debt Summit/Showdown

I missed the news coverage of today's Debt Ceiling Summit at the White House as it happened.  Pepper provides this description: the Young President wore a grim expression and had his nostrils pointed toward the sky while chomping on gum.  (I'm guessing Nicorette.  And I seriously doubt whether he has actually kicked the habit.)  He doesn't look very happy in this picture.

You'll be pleased to know that Speaker Boehner is sipping hot tea.  Not coffee, hot TEA.


Played for effect nicely, Mr. Speaker.


  1. I have two thoughts:

    1. Barry's nostrils are skyward so much he can pick up DishNetwork programming with them. But he needs his ears to pick up the HD channels.

    2. Tea is evil. *making icky face*

  2. Ah... Casual Sattidy, I see.

    I have a couple o' varieties o' tea sitting in a cabinet somewhere but I honestly cannot remember the last time I drank a cup. Mebbe when I had that cold a couple o' years ago...

  3. What a great photo... he looks soooo disgusted.
    What a mess.