Wednesday, July 20, 2011

No Keymaster, Just a Gatekeeper

Just so you don't have lizard withdrawal, voila:

The gatekeeper at Moogie's Mansion.


  1. You keep this up and I'll have to tell ya my lizard stories from Thailand.



    They're not even REMOTELY suitable for mixed company. But one of 'em is funny as all get-out, the Readers Digest version bein' it detached itself from the ceiling in the middle of the night and fell on my nekkid belly, said lizard weighing about two or three pounds and having VERY sharp claws. Hilarity ensued (in retrospect). ;-)

  2. There's a link hiding in "lizard stories."

  3. Thanks, Lou!! I'm easily entertained.

    That's one I never heard, Buck!

    I'm afraid I might have had a heart attack if something like that got anywhere near me, elbows and shoulders or not.

  4. Those things were everywhere in Thailand, Moogie. I took issue with my lady friend letting them live unmolested in her quarters, but she told me they ate mosquitoes and other objectionable creepy-crawlies so I relented. Until THAT night... at which time I put my foot down: anywhere and everywhere was OK... EXCEPT for the bedroom.