Saturday, July 9, 2011

Stuff, and Summer Celebrations -- a Little Late, a Little Early -- Eh, Who Cares, We're in the South

It's a miserable, beastly hot Saturday afternoon in New Orleans.  I just came in from taking Rosie out -- I swear I worked up a sweat just sitting on the steps in the shade, watching her go around and around in circles.  It even smells hot.

Nonetheless, this morning some 9,000 crazy folk, dressed in white with red sashes and neckerchiefs, participated in the 2011 Fiesta del San Fermin de Nueva Orleans -- The Running of the Bulls in New Orleans -- just a couple of days after its famous progenitor took place in Pamplona.  

Moogie was not among the 9,000 but at least 2 of SIL#1's cousins were.  One wore a red tutu instead of a red sash.  She looked adorable, at least she did in the picture she posted on Facebook. 

(Photos were stolen from the and a Facebook friend.)

As we tend to do down here, we added our very own twist to the festivities.  First off, alcohol is de rigueur.  Obviously.  If one is to get out in the heat very early on a Saturday in July, one should be adequately lubricated.  Note that I did not say, "hydrated."

Next, there are no bulls.  Or even cows.  Instead, the festival-goers are chased and bludgeoned with foam bats by be-horned New Orleans Roller Girls -- members of the local women's roller derby team.

The after-party will take place tonight and is entitled, "La Fiesta de Pantalones" (The Pants Party).  Don't ask me, I don't know why there's a pants party with Spanish food and Latin music, but it does kinda sound like fun.

When I mentioned to Pepper that the Running was this morning, he said that while walking Bouie earlier, he saw a bunch of  people waiting for the streetcar dressed in white and red, but he thought they must have been going to some new gay event like Southern Decadence.  Heh.  I guess you can't read a book by its cover.

Also, many of the celebrations of Bastille Day kicked off yesterday.  I think my favorite is the Waiters Race, where a whole bunch of waiters compete against one another by running with full trays of cocktails.  At Moogie's Mansion, we will be celebrating France's Independence on July 14th by accepting delivery of a new mattress.  Excitement abounds around here during the summer.

Finally, here's a re-post of the lizard getting a drink, downloaded from YouTube.  The quality is definitely better than the original.

And UPDATE!!  The Causeway is still the world's longest bridge over open water, after the Guiness folks added a new category, "Longest Bridge Over Open Water (continuous)!" The Cheating Cheater Chinese now have the "longest bridge over open water (aggregate)."  So, I guess sometimes, cheaters do prosper.  But record-holding bridges are record-holding bridges, as the article expresses!

About Cheating Cheaters -- it seems that THE Ohio State University "vacated" its wins for the 2010 season, including the Sugar Bowl, which was stolen from the Hogs by various and sundry guys wearing stripes.  But, apparently, the Suckeyes don't have to forfeit and they don't have to return the money they got from the good folks at the Sugar Bowl.  So, I guess, sometimes, cheaters really prosper.

But, even though it may be hot, life is generally good down here in southeast Louisiana.

It would be even better if some terrorist would blow up the Golf Channel's transmitter.  Just sayin'.


  1. Ummm... are any of those Roller Girls available for private bashing sessions? I might could be interested.

    re: hot. I shall be very green and recycle what I said to your "878 degrees" comment at my place: I remember Gulf Coast summers all TOO well, Moogie. My first one was spent in an UN-air-conditioned barracks. That sucked.

    re: cheaters. Good for the Causeway. Good on your new-found win (I assume you get a win if tOSU vacated?). And cheaters NEVER prosper. We know who they are.

  2. Unfortunately, we don't get the win. That's apparently what happens when a team "vacates" its victories instead of forfeiting. No one gets the "win.". Kinda like kissing your brother.

  3. Those "bulls" (bullettes?) are cuter than the ones in Pamplona, that's for sure. If I let them catch me, will they keep me?

  4. Perhaps! You and Buck can fight over 'em.