Monday, July 4, 2011

Desperately Seeking Humorous Distraction

Considering my great propensity to criticize misplaced apostrophes and grammar errors, this is just hysterical to me -- the best obnoxious responses to misspellings on Facebook.  (Not exactly family-friendly, though.)  As a blog where I found it commented (all you SEC fans will love this blog -- it's The Blog Hawgs!  I'm looking at you, Andy and Paul and Boogie), it's just like a train wreck -- you simply can't make yourself look away.

And, speaking of not exactly family-friendly, but laugh-out-loud-until-your-gut-hurts-from-laughing funny, Check out Damn You Auto Correct.

Happy Independence Day!  I'm blowing out the candles and wishing that we can remain free from our own government.

Apparently I needed a good laugh or two today.

And cake.


  1. Happy Independence Day back at ya', Moogie! Cake is good. Pie can be, but not always. Cake is ALWAYS GOOD.

    On the "collage world seriers," posted by sure don't get mo' better...or more confusing.

    I've given up on any hope for change when it comes to grammer on the worldwide computer. (Oooops, there's a little red line under "grammer." I GUESS THEY GOT THAT ONE WRONG! Nyuk...)

    As to the Blog Hawgz...I looked at it, since you were 1/3 looking at ME to look at it. I tried to enjoy it, but I really don't do foreign blogs very well. I mean...I know y'all got drafted in to the SEC because of circumstances and all...but Arkies just really don't comrunicate well (especially in the written print) with the rest of us real Southeasterners (there goes that damn red line again!!!!)

    Imma go eat some cake. At least that's one thing we've got in common.

    Hope u and peppur had as good a day as we did here.

    Damn the red line!...!...!

  2. Heh. I'm glad someone has the temerity to correct bad English. I usually just shake my head and let it slide... unless it's someone I love, then the gloves come right the Hell off. Pronto.

    Nice cake! Did you do that, Moogie?

  3. I so suck at spelling that I recently switched to Firefox to help me out a bit. Still, that grammar stuff gives me problemas.

  4. Note: I did not bake that cake!! I stole the pic off'n the internet, then when I realized I probably have linked the site, I couldn't find it again. My bad. But cool cake!

    I made a blueberry-lemon trifle for the holiday and it was yummy. Can't believe I didn't photograph it!