Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Now You See Him . . .

New York Times columnist, Davids Brooks, published a column earlier this week entitled, "Obama as Convener in Chief."  He compares and contrasts several "management" styles  employed by American leaders, both past and present.  Surprisingly enough, he comes to a conclusion that the venerated JFK did us all a disservice with his famous Inaugural Address by giving rise to the notion that the President is a valiant, "heroic" Leader, a la Henry V at Agincourt.  And we've apparently been falling for that premise ever since. 

Brooks never does firmly nail down the current president's style.  Perhaps that's because the current president is akin to a chameleon, changing colors to suit the environment in which he finds himself.  He self-identified early on as a "pragmatist."  Today, having had the benefit of 2 1/2 years experience in witnessing The Obama Administration in action, I think we can clearly define "Obama Pragmatism" as something other than chameleon -- it's actually little more than pure weasel, if not outright hyena.

Brooks finds himself somewhat caught off-guard by the inconsistent presidential maneuvering.  I really like his characterization of the Obamaesque passive-aggressiveness:

"Still, I never would have predicted he would be this sort of leader.  . . .  Being led by Barack Obama is like being trumpeted into battle by Miles Davis.  He makes you want to sit down and discern."

If I could imagine Barack Obama being anywhere in the vicinity of battle, perhaps I can imagine wanting to sit down and discern.  It's more likely, however, that I'd want to sit down, put my head in my hands, and sing the blues. 

Kind of like I currently do, on a regular basis.

Maybe we really do need a Henry V.


  1. -- it's actually little more than pure weasel, if not outright hyena.

    You win the 'net today...

  2. Why, thanky most kindly, sir!

  3. What Andy said.

    As for Mr. Brooks... I'm getting pretty damned tired of his schtick as the moderate right's Obama-Apologist-In-Chief. Brooks has never been a conservative ideologue and I respect him for that... but his support of The One and stubborn refusal to admit he was taken in makes me ILL.

  4. I hear ya, Buck. I never know what my blood pressure will do after reading him.

  5. Hm. Gotta disagree with you - to call Obama either weasel or hyena is insulting to the animals mentioned. He's pure crooked human, plain old liar and con man.

  6. You might be onto something, PH.