Monday, July 25, 2011

A Day When Guilt is a Good Thing

This has been a very successful day in the criminal conviction of soulless, waste-of-oxygen-type folk.

#1 -- in Little Rock, convert to Islam, Abdulhakim Muhammad, accused of murdering Army PVT William "Andy" Long and shooting PVT Quinton Ezeagwula outside an Army Recruiting Office in 2009, copped a plea on the eve of trial.  Muhammad will serve life in prison, without parole, on the capital murder count, and life on 12 remaining counts, to run consecutively.  For good measure, the judge also tacked on another 180 years on firearm enhancement counts, also to run consecutively. I doubt he'll be drawing another breath of open air, and that is fine with me.

In the sentencing phase, PVT Long's father testified, "After 2 years, 1 month and 25 days, I can tell you from my experience and expertise at being a father of a murdered son, there is no closure[.]  . . . It is a myth." 

Prosecutor Larry Jegley later told reporters, "Ultimately any plea resolution has to be OK with the victim and the victim's family, [t]he Long family is merciful beyond description. And they showed mercy to Muhammad. Muhammad showed no mercy to the victims whatsoever."

It's a shame that Muhammad was tried on state charges instead of federal, meaning that he'll serve his sentence in an Arkansas prison.  It would've been pleasant to contemplate him serving time in a nice Army-friendly federal pen.  Like Leavenworth, maybe.

#2 -- this afternoon in New Orleans, a unanimous jury found former state legislator and City Council member, Renee Gill-Pratt guilty of Conspiracy to divert public funds and to loot charities for personal gain.  The jury is currently deliberating about the amount of restitution Gill-Pratt will be ordered to pay.  Prosecutors are asking for the tidy little sum of $1.4 mil. Hopefully, there will also be an orange jumpsuit added to Ms. Gill-Pratt's wardrobe.  I'd say she could pull off orange, wouldn't you?

#3 -- with the third thing being the charm -- Bring On Maxine Waters!

Honestly, does she ever shut up?!?!  Anyway -- let's keep this roll going!


  1. It would've been pleasant to contemplate him serving time in a nice Army-friendly federal pen. Like Leavenworth, maybe.

    Yup. Agreed, in spades. Apropos of Leavenworth... I'm still having fun with the fact SN1 is doin' his joint penance there.

    In re: Waters. "House Ethics" is the Mom of ALL oxymorons.

  2. Definitely oxymoronic, Buck!

    The similar names Os prison and military facility can be amusing. The Fort is still a pretty post, though.

  3. *of, not Os. Stupid autocorrect.

  4. The Fort is still a pretty post, though.

    I'll see for myself, come Fall. SN1 is already running me hard to come visit.

  5. Do go! There's so much history there!

  6. Actually, I think that Case #1 had the best outcome possible. Instead of dying a martyr to a terroristic cause, he's all but guaranteed to rot the rest of his life behind bars, soon to be forgotten by everyone except the open arms of his fellow scumbag prisoners. And max security Arkansas prisons are amongst the most notorious hellholes in the nation to do any time in. Hope he lives a long, long time there in utter misery.

  7. Good point, DD. No virgins for him!