Friday, July 22, 2011

Debt Crisis, Tea Party, and Brinksmanship

This is kinda interesting.

First, the Young President was not really "aware" of the Tea Party" protests.  April 15, 2009.

Then, the Young President referred to a bunch of folks "waving tea bags around."  May 2, 2009. So, I guess a voice was sounding through the din.

Next, there were the 2010 mid-term elections.

Today, the mainstream media blames the Tea Party for shutting down negotiations and moving us toward a default on debt.

We've come a long way, Baby.

Don't back down.

Seriously.  Don't back down.  Cut the spending.  Now.

(P.S. -- is our president a petulant schoolboy, or what?!?!  Pepper says if he were Boehner, he wouldn't show up tomorrow, and might just send out an email scheduling a bi-partisan/Executive Department meeting at 10:00 at the Capitol building, before the YP's summons for the same thing at 11:00 at the White House.  That'd be cool!  Then maybe they could have lunch in the West Wing afterwards.  I'd serve Chicken salad.)


  1. is our president a petulant schoolboy, or what?!?!

    Yes, he IS. His fit o' pique last evening was THE most amazing thing I've seen of late... seriously. I really thought he would be above all that but I misunderestimated how low he would go.

    My bad.

  2. I seriously wanted to sit his fanny down on a three-legged stool, facing a corner in the dining room (where my girls used to contemplate their misdeeds).

    My expectations of him have now sunk lower than a snake's belly.