Monday, August 16, 2010

Travelogue, Part 2

I must be losing it.

This just cracked me up.

On the way home I stopped in Hernando, Tennessee, just south of Memphis to fuel up and buy some unsweetened iced tea. The Happy Daze drive-in drew me in with not just one, but TWO, statues of polar bears throwing snowballs!



  1. some unsweeted iced tea.

    You can actually GET unsweetened iced tea in Tennessee? Who'd a thunk it?

    I like the whimsy, too.

  2. Hey! No veriword! I might have to try that. But Andy's wrong about google's spam-catcher. One of my Daily Reads is off sailing in the South Pacific and his blog (unattended, for all intents and purposes) is OVERRUN with spam.

  3. You have to look really hard and specify the "unsweetened" part!

    Re: the veriword. I finally got around to playing with the settings a little (you might recall that Elder Daughter set up the blog as a gift to me. I thought I'd try it for a little bit (even though the veriwords are some of my very favorite things!). It'll be interesting to see what pops up. I actually went in to try to find the spam folder, but never did.