Sunday, August 8, 2010

Better Check the Limit on That Race Card!

This is one of the funniest things I've seen in a long time. The Daily Show's “Senior Black Correspondent” Larry Wilmore discovers that "The Race Card" is maxed out and explains how that happened -- and what can replace it. It even gets in a dig at my jailbird former Congressman, "Dollar Bill" Jefferson! WARNING: Adult language.

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Race Card Is Maxed Out
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H/T to Legal Insurrection. (Ya gotta love one of the comments at LI -- "The race card has gotten used so much that its [sic] now a punchline.") Heh.


  1. That was good. Seriously good. I may have to start watching Stewart now that Dubya's gone. I couldn't stand his Bush-bashing; I thought it was mean spirited.

    re: the "old card." I was having a conversation with our HR guy in the way-back when I was getting ready to terminate one of my employees for egregious non-performance. I was subjected to a litany of questions that went something like "Is he black? Hispanic? Over 50?" "Over 50?" sez I... WTF? The guy looked at me and said "Yeah, Buck. You're in a protected class. Didn't you know that?" Well, no. No, I didn't. I looked at him and smiled and said "Well, I guess I got a lot more sick days comin' now, don't I?" He didn't think that was funny... HR types have NO sense of humor.

  2. That was good, Moogie. Thanks for posting it. I don't watch that program...or really any TV much, so what I get is from posted videos.

    That's funny...race card is maxed out. But, I reckon they'll be calling the office to get the limited raised.


  3. I have a great deal of exposure to HR types, and I think you've nailed it, Buck!

    I hope the limit is reduced, Andy. I smell hope out there!