Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Rose by Another Name?

The Young President's firm mandate to get out of Iraq has come to pass, just as he predicted during the 2008 election campaign and early days of his administration.  A few days early, even!

Oh.  Except for those 50,000 or so soldiers who will stay there for awhile, doing pretty much the same jobs.  Or those who, as many WWII troops did after VE Day, will simply re-locate to the other theater of war.

We just won't call them soldiers.  Or warfighters.  Or Combat Brigade Teams.

Aren't semantics a wondrous tool!


  1. Aren't semantics a wondrous tool!

    Yup. I'm reminded of the "police action" in Korea all these many years ago. Same-ol', same-ol'... innit?