Saturday, August 21, 2010

Cranky, Thy Name is Moogie

Listen up, world!  Moogie is not a happy camper.

I am operating on very little sleep, mosquito-gnawed ankles, and premature adrenaline rush.

Pepper has gone to Alabama with a friend to chase little white balls with sticks, competitively, for the weekend.  Having had a rather unpleasant week coping with a flare-up of a chronic gut disease, I had planned to spend Friday night eating solid food, watching chick flicks, and sleeping long and late.

The Fates had other ideas.

Rosie, the 15 1/2 year old, mostly blind and usually deaf shih tzu, woke me at 0200, 0500, and 0740 wandering in circles on the bed, wanting to go out.  There are skads of skeeters out there at those hours, too.  Trust me on this one.  Plus, Pepper's alarm clock went off at 0600.  And 0700.  I hate that clock.

In sum, Moogie needs a nap.  And lunch.

I think that tonight, after the Saints - Texans game, I'll give Rosie a doggie Benadryl and unplug the alarm clock.  Or smash it.


  1. Or smash it.

    I vote for "smash." The psychic rewards are nearly infinite, the cost of replacing it infinitesimal... by comparison. I'd video it, too. Were it me. ;-)

    But, Hey! Get some sleep. This, too, shall pass.

  2. If my father hadn't given the clock to him, I might just pull out the ol' sledge hammer. But it would be some kind of satisfying, wouldn't it!

  3. Moogie, I'm a day late to comment. So, by the time you read this I am trusting that you are well rested, and that Pepper will need to drop by The WalMart to purchase a new electronic device.

    Girl, you are gonna want to kill me, but this must be said. Would you believe that I have had exactly two (count 'em) skeeter bites in the last 22 years. Two. Two. I remember both of them well, because they are so rare.

    Seriously, when I stopped eating beef, pork, and fowl at age 28, skeeters stopped eating me. Guess it's a body chemistry thing.

    I am like a walking can of Deep Woods Off.

    Hope the weekend ends better than it started...for you and me, both. ;)

  4. You're right. I'm gonna want to kill you.

    I try to avoid bananas during the summer 'cause I've read that they do something to the body chemistry that attracts the little buzzers. It obviously doesn't work.

  5. Yeah, the last monkey I saw was just eat up with skeeterbites. Nyuk!