Friday, August 13, 2010

Moogie Weighs in on the Ground Zero Cultural Center Faux Pas

Because I can't get this picture out of my head, even nine years later, I've been wrestling with the whole thing about the Muslim Cultural Center planned near Ground Zero in Manhattan.

My constitutional sensibilities scream at me about rights protected by the First Amendment -- those fundamental rights touching upon religion and association -- while the American in me screams to fight the mind-numbing insensitivity of the whole idea.

Part of me is incredulous that a group of Muslims, out of respect for an America still in mourning, would even consider opening the Center anytime near 9/11, while another part recognizes that the planned opening date is probably some sort of Ramadan thing.

So, I've kind of come to a reconciliation with myself that the plan is, at best, an exercise in bad manners. Those of you who come to visit here from time to time know that my southern upbringing abhors bad manners, although I typically don't stoop to compound the bad manners by correcting them in public (even though I might, on occasion, whisper about them behind my hand while rolling my eyes).

Therefore, that being acknowledged, I'll just close with: Yeah. What Charles Krauthammer said.


  1. I've wrestled with this a little bit, too. I've decided I don't want the GOV'T telling anybody where to put a building.

    But I want the PEOPLE to absolutely freak out. Link arms and block the bulldozers kind of stuff. Signs and posters. Family members of victims yelling over PA systems. Find out who the contractor is who has agreed to build this abomination. Boycott and protest that contractor VIGOROUSLY. Point out how said contractor is profiting from burning Americans jumping from skyscraper windows.

    I won't hold my breath for the mosque builders to apologize, but I think shaming them into inaction is pretty do-able.

  2. Moogie, I'm in Inno's corner here, too. And, in yours. I can't get on the "Hell Naw!" bandwagon when it comes to granting permission to build.

    But, I hope for (and anticipate) refusals by Steelworkers, Masons, Tradesmen of all types to set foot on that job-site. And, I hope for (and anticipate) an on the ground public uproar.

    Let 'em build it. Sure. If they want to wrestle in the muck to rub our collective nose in it, I say, "bring it on." Of course, that's "tough talk" from a guy that can't personally participate. But, those New Yorkers can be some pretty big S.O.B.s. Occasionally.

  3. Yeah, this is a tough one from a moral perspective. I agree that those who want to build the mosque/cultural center are grossly insensitive and ill-mannered. Yet they have rights. I hope Andy and Inno are right about the protest and boycott activity but I ain't gonna hold my breath.

  4. What you all said.

    And I hope the shaming-into-inaction thing catches on. And, wouldn't it be cool if the unions did something uplifting?!?!