Wednesday, August 4, 2010


And "crap" = 120 degrees.

I couldn't have said it better -- or more accurately -- myself. It's been doing this for waaaay too many days, but at least I'm not in Little Rock where the air temp hit 107 yesterday. Then again, 107 v. 102? A difference with little distinction.

As Pepper says, "It must be global warming."



  1. Moogie, it's so hot that yesterday afternoon I looked out the window of my office, and a dog was chasing a cat down the street.

    And, they were both walking.

  2. I don't think we've been in triple digits yet this year. Not tryin' to rub it in or anything, just sayin'. It's been a weird danged summer in these parts.

  3. This has been a summer like I remember from childhood -- so danged hot that you can't even stand to play outside, much less get a drink from the garden hose. A friend in Arkansas mixed up a batch of peanut butter cookie dough on Sunday and put a few spoonsful on the dash of her car. They actually cooked! She said they didn't brown, but they got done!

    Today has been better here, but, dang!

  4. Moogie, they're all HOT! Some not as hot as others, but all hot.

    When I was a kid in the 60's, I remember the ground cracked wide open while I and my buddies played in the yard on miserable summer days...big cracks. Mama wouldn't let us in the house even for a drink of water.

    "We've got a garden hose! I'm in here visiting with Mrs. Carolyn, and you're not coming in! I've got a cake baking in the oven, and if you'll make it fall!"

    Pam was pregnant with our oldest son Dean in the Summer of 1980. That was the summer that several hundred people died through the center of the country...all up through Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, etc. We had something like 21 straight days of above 100 temps.

    Our AC NEVER shut off, and bless her heart, she was "great with child" that August. (He was born on Sept. 8, 1980) She mostly just laid in the middle of the living room floor pretty well naked under the ceiling fan...right in front of God and everybody.

    As miserably hot as it's been worse.

    Pam's brother lives outside of Ozark, AR, and I think he had 106 yesterday. His turkeys are dying, even though he's watering the fool out of them. But, they didn't set a record.

    My Daddy was born in July of 1935. If you search weather records for Louisiana, the summer of 1935 often pops up with record highs. His folks lived down in the country with no electricity...much less AC.

    Those were some tough people.

    See what I just did there? Nyuk...

  5. I see what you did!

    I also feel Pam's pain! I was just "a little bit pregnant," the really tired trimester, with elder daughter during the summer of 1980 (she was born Feb. 5, 1981) in Little Rock. All I wanted to do was lie on the floor under a ceiling fan, but I was practicing law then. At least there was good air conditioning in the Tower Building. I think that was the summer I learned to shut the door, pull out a file drawer, put my feet up, and take a little cat-nap after lunch. I never did learn how to convert those naps into billable time, though.

    Oh, yes. The summer of 1980 was a monster!

  6. The summer of 1980? Cross-country from Oregon to New Jersey in a Ford Courier pickup without AC in late June... we drove at night and slept during the day; it was freakin' miserable. And then we flew off to England where I'm pretty sure it never got over 75 degrees for the whole rest of the summer. It was magnificent.


    Oh, and Moogie... I did that "catnap after lunch" trick nearly every day for the last three years of my working life. Felt NO guilt at all, either.

  7. Uck. That does sound like the road trip from hell. Make that in hell.

    I'm getting the hang of the italics thing!

    You deserved a magnificent summer after that trip.