Monday, December 12, 2011

New Orleans' Salute to the North Pole?


I haven't heard of this event before (unlike the New Orleans Running of the Bulls).  It's apparently to take place this Saturday in the Warehouse District: The Running of the Santas -- 

Somehow, I think this is one we'll skip.  The Carols and Candles at Jackson Square will be much more uplifting.

Pepper got a Christmas decorating bug this weekend, so Moogie's Mansion now has wreaths on two of the windows!  I fluffed the branches and attached the bows (and recovered the nail from the holly bushes where it landed after escaping from Pepper's hand), and he hung them on big ol' brass cup hooks (that I'll see every time I look at the windows after the wreaths are packed away). 

Now the old girl looks pretty festive during the day as well as at night when the lights are shining!

I love Christmas decorating!  It both makes -- and recalls -- such good memories.

Bouie agrees.


  1. Moogie, the place looks nice. We have not even dared get close to the attic to break the stuff out.

    We're just lumps this year.

    It looked like two of those Santas early on were Texas Longhorn fans, or something...I think you should go down there, find them, and beat the mortal crap out of them for showing up in your town.

  2. I'd skip the Santa thang if I were you, too. But your house is beautiful. I'm thinking I need a full photo - might make a nice painting someday.

  3. Oh look! You even have pointed setters on your steps! (that was what my youngest sister used to call them when we were kids.)

  4. Love*** Love*** Love*** Looks great!
    I also love the thought of you having to see the brass cup holders...ha ha.

  5. Somehow, I think this is one we'll skip.

    Somehow, I'm thinkin' you might NOT have skipped it 20 years ago (or so, modify as appropriate). ;-)

    Ah, Christmas decorating. Brings back memories of Former Happy Days, especially those concerning the old 1920's house we had with the candles in the leaded glass windows, the old fireplace suitably garlanded, and other stuff. (sigh)

    Lookin' GOOD!

  6. I hear ya, Andy -- I've actually gone kinda minimalist this year. Well, minimalist for me!

    I think there's a full shot of the house somewhere around here, Lou. I'll dig around.

    Pointed setters. That's a good one, Deb. My grandmotyher always pronounced every syllable -- point-set-ti-as.

    Somehow I can see you appreciating my focus on the cupholders, Cuz. I may have to ask Pepper to paint them white when he takes down the wreaths!

    You might be obto something there, Buck! 20 years might be in the ballpark. ;)