Sunday, December 18, 2011

Two Christmas Cartoons

One pretty funny . . .

One kinda sad . . .

One week 'til Happy Birthday Baby Jesus Day!


  1. Well, the kinda sad one was kinda funny, too. I'm pleased that nearly everyone I meet sez "Merry Christmas," just like every year in this neck o' the woods. (Where "Happy Holidays" seldom is heard, the most discouraging words, and the skies have been WAY too cloudy the last few days. All day.) (From "How to Murder Song Lyrics," a book I'm working on.)

    Happy Birthday to Pepper! I read somewhere today's his birthday.

  2. Pep says thank you, Buck!

    I hope New Mexico has dug itself out of the recent weather deposit! And, I'm really glad you're in your new digs!