Saturday, December 10, 2011

NOT on Moogie's Wish List

From today's inbox -- this little gem to brighten up your "holiday" tree, only $19.95 from (with free shipping with the code from the email):

Even though I'm an Independent and not a Republican, please don't send me one of these as a "holiday" gift.  We have Chrismas Trees at Moogie's Mansion, so we won't be needing a "holiday" ornament.  Please don't.



  1. AND, I just noticed on the emeail, the holiday ornaments are "100% union made and all proceeds go to help defeat Tea Party Republican candidates in 2012," so don't order any of this stuff even as gag gifts!

  2. At $20 apiece that's expensive target practice. Think I'll pass, too.

  3. Moogie, I'm sending you a Michelle Obama Angel Tree Topper, and an LSU football helmet ornament.

    All proceeds go to China, I think.

    BTW, The Globber ate my comment, and won't let me comment as myself. This is Andy.

    Andy in Bossier City.

    The LSU fan.

  4. I couldn't help but notice the ornament has a ring of X's around it and wonder if this is some sort of arcane symbolism... yanno, sorta like stuff the Illuminati do?

    "Andy in Bossier City?" Who is THAT guy?

  5. What's up with Blogger anyway!

    As much as the Dems are into symbolism, I wouldn't be surprised, Buck!