Thursday, December 22, 2011

Pre-Christmas --We're Ignoring Congress

It's December 21st. Pepper and I successfully shopped and joined several members of the Hall High class of '72 for dinner and catching up. Good to see classmates I haven't seen in years! Social media are miraculous things, truly.

A reasonable number of workers showed up at the addition/remodel site (after, yesterday, we cunningly allowed some of the general contractor's people to overhear our strategy of pursuing action against the contractor, plus concerns about hiring the contractor to do home improvement, not DEMOLITION). We'll be especially prepared to address "explanations" of construction "shortcomings" after proof of theft and engaging in the use of illegal substances on site by some of the previous "workers" was uncovered. What a nightmare.

Still and all -- we're sleeping peacefully at Elder Daughter's house, and looking forward to Christmas! Bouie, too!


  1. Wish Younger Daughter and SIL#2 were sleeping as peacefully. Hopefully soon.

  2. What a nightmare.

    I'm sure it's worse than you let on, too. Which is a damned shame. Some people should be sued just on General Principles.

    But! You sound like you're rolling with it well and are finding other Good Things to enjoy. Good On Ya.

  3. Brownings was fun, Cuz, but seriously disappointing, food-wise. I doubt I'll go back.

    Yeah, Buck. Dante had nothing on this tale. I suspect the Contractors Licensing Board may be hearing a little sumpin sumpin about this debacle.

  4. I thought use of illegal substances was required for contractors in Arkansas to maintain their license.

    Hmmmm...learn something new every day.

    I have got to second you on social media being a wonderful thing. It has really allowed a lot of us old classmates to reunite much easier (and much more readily when the time comes). My old buddies drift in and out at least semi-annually, and now they always want to get together to visit. It wasn't that way before Facebook, etc.

    And it's not a "chore" to visit face to face. You already know what's going on in their lives, what they're interested in...and it seems all are MUCH more at ease.

    Hey Moogie! Hope you, Pepper, and the entire clan have a joyous & blessed Christmas!

    Safe travel!!!

  5. Same to you, Andy!!! We're even going to a high school friend's house for dinner next week. We weren't very good friends in school, but FB has allowed us to get to know one another as adults. She and her husband stayed at Moogie's Mansion last spring during a visit to NOLA and I really got to know her without all that high school drama.