Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Your Gift-Giving Guide

Blog buddy, Andy, occasionally shares "unusual" gift suggestions that he and Mrs. Andy have run across.  When I saw this one in a Bed, Bath and Beyond mailer in the "Great Gifts Under $20" section, I thought that I would do the same.  It's just what everyone needs!

For entertainment purposes only.  Heh.  The gift that keeps on giving (by saving the recipient all those attorneys' fees, court costs, and fines?).

This was a very entertaining mailer -- the Breathalyzer was positioned on the page right beside this gift suggestion--

Bed, Bath and Beyond is into irony!  Who knew?

Now, go warm up those credit cards!


  1. Blogger has been off its meds lately and won't let me edit my posts, so I can't do the link to Andy, but you can find him on the blogroll if you're just itching to see some of his gift suggestions. Andyd's Place.

  2. Heh! I love it, Moogie!!!!

    I'm giggling, and can't stop...


    For entertainment purposes only. Can't you just see a bunch of sloppy drunks sitting around on New Years Eve trying to one-up each other by blowing a higher number???

    Nyuk...that might be entertaining, for sure.

  3. @Andy.... Heh. There's a marketing opportunity for a new party game there. Jump on it!

    I suppose it's about time for me to do my annual "Bah! Humbug!" post about marketing nonsense like Hoodie-Footies. I REALLY need one of those foam rubber bricks to throw at my teevee.

  4. I think the combo of Andy and Buck could solve the Nation's unemployment problem!! Games! Economic analysis! Accounting!

  5. I think I know some people who would love that game.