Saturday, December 17, 2011

A Look Back in Time -- Christmas 2005

We'll see if this works.  It's mainly for Lou -- she asked for a picture of Moogie's Mansion because the old girl might become the subject of one of Lou's paintings!  (If so, maybe she'll post it!)

Anyway, the best picture I have of the Mansion appeared in the Christmas newsletter I composed in 2005 while we were evacuated after Katrina.  I rarely do Christmas newsletters, but 2005 was such an eventful year, I needed to do it so I could remember everything.  And seeing as the Christmas season has rolled around again, hence and thusly, I present (hopefully):

Woo hoo!  It worked!
(and there is much less of several of us to love these days in the poundage department!)

Merry week before Christmas!


  1. It seems that I omitted a whole page. Let's see if Blogger will let me stay logged in to correct that.


  2. I had wanted to see your mansion, too. thanks...lovely

  3. I love the mansion. But I'm thinking I really liked the view of the steps and front porch. I may have to come to NO:)

  4. Moogie, thanks for posting the newsletter. I know that was a tough year for you all, and for several hundred thousand others.

    A lot of uncertainty...

    Lou, DON'T DO IT! Just let Moogie take you some more pictures. Stay away if you care for your life!!!

    Nyuk...just joshin'.

    Blogger is not letting me post as Andy...but, it's me.

  5. Dang, but you do GREAT work, Moogie. What an excellent newsletter, especially considering the circumstances.