Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Today's Grasping-at-Straws Post

Like many blog buddies, I'm kinda in a blog-post desert right about now. 

I didn't get a good enough picture of the squirrel sitting in the gutter on the garage munching camphor berries that I watched through the kitchen door today while having my own lunch, so there's one blown idea. 

There's not much going on at Sophie Wright Institute for Academic Excellence because they're gearing up for Christmas break (but they do have a lighted and decorated Christmas tree in the second floor landing window!).

 I don't have the energy to address the Young President's simple (minded) request that Iran kindly return our downed drone, if you please.

 Sooooo, I think I'll go with "odd."

I ran across this video on a local news site, but there was no embed code so I looked it up on YouTube.  It is set in Maryland where some clown rented this sign and placed it on the shoulder of a busy road.  The city removed it "in the interest of public safety."  One wonders what the dude who put it there was thinking.

Seriously?  Do you suppose he was older than 12?



  1. Don't know his age but I can tell he was Stupid.

  2. Hey, you changed the link font colors! Cool! I guess that's what the "preview" button is for, eh?

  3. I think the zombies chabnged the font colors, Buck It wasn't me! Heck, I can't even figure out how to stay signed in on this computer anymore!

    And, Stupid he was, SS!