Thursday, November 10, 2011

Zeus' Place Does It Again!

You may recall an earlier post about Zeus' Place, the wonderful New Orleans kennel and rescue operation where Bouie and Rosie go to board and be groomed.  Well, they've been at it again.

They rescued a sweet little pup in September and named her Bethany.  The big problem with the little cutie -- in addition to the usual issues associated with rescues -- was the devastating injury sustained by her rear leg.  And, I mean devastating.  Michelle, the owner of Zeus' Place, made the decision to have the leg amputated to save the little bundle of sweetness, not knowing where the money (a rather substantial sum!) to pay for the surgery would come from.  New Orleans answered the call, and now Bethany has a long, happy life ahead of her to share with her new forever family, including Quinn, a German Shepherd who is her best buddy and protector.  Meet Bethany and Quinn, and enjoy a little feel-good dog story!


  1. Dang... the vid won't play for me here or at the main article (which I'm glad you linked). The story is a great one, tho.

  2. It was a little horsey for me, too. I wonder if it can be found on the WWL site.