Monday, November 21, 2011

SEC, 1-2-3, and More Conflicting Emotions

Pretty amazing.  And all in the SEC West!  Countdown has begun to the Decline and Fall of Mike the Tiger -- my Razorbacks will reverse those rankings come Friday.  And make a total mess out of the BCS.

On a sad note, I'd like to offer my sincere condolences to the Razorback family at large, and especially to the family of 19 year-old tight end, Garrett Uekman, who passed away yesterday in Fayetteville.  There will be a candlelight memorial service this evening at Walton Arena in his honor.  And, as a friend noted on Facebook this morning, the Hogs now not only have something to win for, they have someone.

 Please remember this family, and remember to cherish every moment with loved ones this holiday season. 

Woo Pig Soooieee.


  1. It's SUCH a sad thang to see young men pass. So much promise, unfulfilled. So much grief. So sad.

  2. What Buck said. There was a guy I grew up with that died in a very similar way. He was a fabulous basketball & tennis player. Just died. They said it was a congenital heart condition that never showed up because he was such an aerobic hoss.

    Poor family, too.

    LSU 42 - Hawgz 12

  3. It is sad, guys. Turns out it was an undiagnosed heart condition. At least that ugly Westboro Baptist Church backed down and decided not to show up.

  4. Moogie, I did not hear anything about the Westies until I read your comment. Why in God's name would they plan to show up at a memorial for this guy?

    Miserable, worthless bastards & bastardettes! At the risk of hurting feelings, I understand that they are lawyers that roam the fruited plain looking for people to sue for beating the snot out of them.

    I've been thinking about this kid, and it passed through my mind this evening how Pistol Pete (the greatest college basketball player ever IMHO) died.

    I mean...the picture of health. An aerobic hoss with life to spare. He just died. If memory serves, it was the same kind of deal. He was cursed at birth with a heart defect, and it never showed up because he remained so active that it took a back bench.

    Then he just died...playing a little low effort basketball game. I don't remember how old Maravich was...maybe 45, but maybe not that old.

    Life is truly fragile, huh?