Sunday, November 6, 2011

College GAMEDAY, A Follow-up

By now, you are probably aware that the Clash of the Titans weekend in college football is in the books, with a nice win by the Razorbacks.  Some other SEC teams played, too, and one game was pretty important, I suppose.  It was important enough for Pepper to fire up his laptop so we didn't have to toggle back and forth between SEC games on the tv.  Of course, the more important game played on the bigger screen, but the Tiggers from up I-10 did all right on the laptop, even if the final score in that game more closely resembled a baseball score. (Man, that was some pretty awe-inspiring defense!  I think the Hogs had better put in some extra practice time during Thanksgiving week.)

Now, this is the way to watch football!


  1. Sorry, I wasn't aware that there was another game on Saturday besides the Hogs. I thought it was game 7, and the Cards and Rangers decided to put on pads. I thong the Piggies will be ok against LSU, Alabama's offense isn't as potent as ours has been the last few weeks, and we are only improving......

  2. I see it's a VERY short walk to The Little Room, too. Assuming there's a fridge full o' Abita somewhere nearby I'd say that was dead solid PERFECT viewing conditions.

  3. Heh! Leave it to Buck to spot the can.

    Moogie, I was SO WAY GLAD y'all put it on the OLD HEAD BALL CORCH. Made me smile.

    Now, I always watch the gaaaaaaaaaamz with the big TV running, and the laptop.

    Stephen seems like a fine young man. A deluded young man. 'Bama's offense is pretty dang y'all have learnt. Or, shoulda...

    True enough, y'all are playing better. I mean, better than y'all did against the two weakest sisters in the Conference.

    I think you're on the right track with the "extra practice" deal.

    And, I do not expect anything less than a war when facing the Hawgz. Y'all seem to have had our number the last couple of years. But, this is NOT the last couple of years.

    It will be a WAR. Well...the 3rd quarter will be a WAR. I think we go in at the half up by 20...into the 4th quarter up by 7...and win by 21. 41 - 20.

    Just a guess.

  4. In related news...Nutt "resigned."


  5. Another related deal. Just a warning.

    Y'all will handle Corch Dooley's Vols. But, everybody in Hawgland had better look out for the Starkville Dawgs on the 19th.

    MS State gave us the most trouble before 'Bama. And, they will be figuring y'all will be looking past them toward us. They are no chumps.

    Just fair warning.

  6. Heh! Inno, I thought you had converted to a Tiger fan...

    I wore the hat, and everything!

  7. BTW...I'm issuing a public challenge right now!

    Moogie, when we beat y'all 41 - 20, will you wear the chicken hat, and post a pitcher?

    I'll send it to you postage paid return and everything.

    And...if y'all by some miracle beat us, I will wear one of them hog-snout hats & an Arkansas cheerleader skirt.

    And, I'll post the pictures.

    Consider the gauntlet thowed!

  8. I think I can pick up that gauntlet, Andy! I have an Arkansas cheerleader skirt or 2, but they're a little on the snug side considering that I used to blow away in a stiff breeze, and I don't have a Hog hat, but I look forward to seeing you wear one! Don't worry about doing postage paid return -- I know how to do that, even without having to go to the dreaded post orifice. I mean, it'll be a shame to waste that return postage for nothing when the Hogs take down the Tiggers by 24 - 20. I'll email you my address.

    You tell 'em, Steve!!! I think you might be onto something!

    Yeah, Buck -- convenience r us!