Saturday, November 5, 2011

College GAMEDAY!!!

Lots of action going on today! I barely found a parking spot at the grocery store. With that many people stocking up on party food and beverages, there must be an awful lot of folks around here who are as excited about the Razorbacks/GamePullets matchup this evening as we are!

Saving a little here and there by enrolling in one of the top colleges online is all right, but there is one thing that makes traditional education worth the money: GAMEDAY.  The excitement, camaraderie, and revelry will stick with you even as you work a couple extra hours here an there to pay back the loans you may have incurred.

There's another SEC game on at about the same time, but I'm sure everyone's just ready to call the Hogs with their friends and family!

Whoo Pig Sooie!!!


  1. And an incredible game is was!!!
    Caused an earthquake in Fayetteville... ha ha.

  2. One assumes you're at Moogie's Mansion and not sumplace in the wilds of Arkansas, right? Or did I get that backwards? ;-)

    You had a near-run thang yesterday, but all's well that ends well. The residents of that school for errant boys on the Hudson can't say the same... (insert another big-ass grin here)

  3. 5.4, I believe, Cuz!

    Yep, Buck, in NOLA. The LSU folk were just a tad overbearing this week -- the week upcoming should be miserable! Yeah -- Zoomies in rarified air looked pretty impressive. I yield! But, Hillcrest Cottage's #1 son is not an "errant boy!" ;)