Friday, November 18, 2011

Blogger Has Lost its Mind -- or Perhaps It's Occupied. Or Haunted.

Something is amiss with Blogger -- I think it's maybe had a little Occupy Overload.  Or a small stroke.

It won't keep me signed in, so I can't edit my posts.

As a consequence, I'm unable to add the video of the Occupants doing their litany for the City Council to the previous post (since it wasn't in the embed code I used there.  *Sigh*).  So, without further delay, Moogie presents the exciting, the riveting (the confused) Occupy NOLA Snarks:

And, as a little lagniappe, Moogie also presents another lizard pic!  I was driving down Tchoupitoulas this afternoon and this little guy started crawling across the hood. 

Fortunately, I didn't have a wreck while trying to photograph him.  Unfortunately, I don't think the little guy had a happy ending.  Last I saw him, he was disappearing over the edge of the hood, and there was a bit of a headwind . . . .