Thursday, November 17, 2011

Do You Suppose They Were Preoccupied?

Weren't the Occupy dudes supposed to have some big, hands-across-America-ish, nationwide demonstrations today? 

Apparently, the New Orleans chapter either never received, or ignored, the memo.  (Okay, it wasn't a memo, it was an email from -- yes I'm still undercover!)

I was at City Hall this morning to speak to the Council and Mayor on Military Day about ESGR. City Hall is right across the street from Duncan Plaza where the Occupy folks (and their homeless chums who were run out of Duncan Plaza a few years ago, but seem to have found their way back on the coattails of the Occupy Cognoscenti) have pitched their tents (and the city, being ever-prepared for parades and parties, has set out several PortaPotties).  There were a bunch of extra cops both in the entry area of City Hall and the Council Chamber, as if they expected a bunch of Occupiers to storm the seat of city government. 

When I arrived and saw all the cops I actually grew a little apprehensive about being able to get out and to my car after the session without encountering a mob of foolish, fragrant people -- our session with the Council began at 9:30 and was supposed to last until about 11:30; the Occupy Show of Force was supposed to crank up at 11:00 near a sign erected on the sidewalk across the street.  As I prepared to leave, I could see a sea of television news trucks through the front windows.  Hmmmm, I thought.

Then, I walked outside.  And saw this:

I think the news folk outnumbered the Occupy folk.  Here are the PortaPotties.

This whole Occupy thing is starting to get a little amusing to us irrelevant people who live in flyover country.  You know a thing has jumped the shark when The Daily Show starts gigging it:

But, I think my very favorite jab at the Occupants so far is this:

Go ahead, Occupunks, make his day.


  1. Ol' Clint should become the poster child/old man of the UnOccupy movement.

  2. Oh Moogie! That video was bitchin'! Seriously.

    Lord, help us all. I have yet to understand even one blip from the Occutards. I have heard them try to explain it, but I guess I am not stupid enough to understand them.

    What bothers me a bit is that I've read a few (somewhat) supportive posts from folks on my daily reads. They are all very good people. And, they make some decent points about overshadowing forces controlling common folks.

    But, it's like they think this is something new...something that can be changed...something that humans can actually do something about. And, the "face" of that type of thinking turns out to be the Occutards.

    I know they must silently cringe when they realize who they're in bed with.

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  4. Sorry the letter to the editor that I put up was so totally off topic it just HAD to come down. Must be too early in the morning.
    The local occutards are freezing their collective arses off as I type,current temp. -16*C with the wind chill -25*C. Maybe it'll convince them to go back to their mamma's nice warm basement and play some stupid video game.

  5. Ours want the city to provide them with free electricity so they can have heat. GET OUT, AND GO HOME. The following is from today's paper. Aren't they protesting 'the man' and if so, why are they petitioning them for handouts?

    “We’re also trying to petition different companies to pitch in to give donations, so maybe we can even have electricity so that we can get electric heaters. It’s something that our legal team is looking into, but we don’t have any headway on that yet,”

  6. They apparently are marching down through MD right now - spent the night in Havre de Grace. If I were them I'd be real carefully about occupying the road around Baltimore during rush-hour. "Charm City" might run over some toes.

  7. Yeah, "Occupy's" 15 minutes are UP. That Stewart vid was hilarious; I think I need to find that "mandatory course in condescension" and sign up. My skills in that space need honing.

  8. Good idea, Dave!

    Oh, Deb. You just can't make that stuff up. I'm not very good at Celsius, but -16 sounds pretty dang cold any way you look at it! And. obviously, your Occupants' teachers never did a unit on "irony."

    PH -- oooooh! Get some video of toe-squishing!

    I'll take the course with you, Buck. Or maybe teach it. ;)