Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Heads Up

Fair Warning -- Andy threw down the gauntlet and Moogie scooped it up. 

There is a wager on the table between Andy and Moogie concerning the impending Razorbacks v. Tiggers football game that will rivet every good soul to his or her television on Black Friday, the day following Thanksgiving.  Who wants to get out amidst the great unwashed at an hour that the good Lord never intended people to be up and about in pursuit of gift-giving treasure anyway?  That's waaaaay too rough on the blood pressure.  A nice, calm Razorback victory will be ever so much more relaxing.

I plan to have extra blood pressure meds on hand.

My Hogs must first dispense with the Mississippi State Puppies this Saturday before they can concentrate on the Tiggers, but I wanted to give you Fair Warning that the terms of said wager will be forthcoming, so be expecting them.  It'll be interesting.


  1. Since you never sent me a funky razorback chickenhat, I guess I gotta root for LSU a little bit.

    But I also tend to root for underdogs, so I'm conflicted.

    Either way, that pic at the bottom is awesome.

  2. Chicken hats might figure into the mix in some fashion. You are entitled to retire the murple and gold chicken hat and root for the mascot that actually roots! Ya gotta see what Andy has to do when the Hogs win!

  3. It is a great picture! I think I will cheer for the Hogs just so I can find out what Andy has to do when they win.

  4. It's against my religion to root for ANY member of the Supremely Egotistical Conference (see: Touchdown Jesus). But, that said, I surely NEED to see Andy in a Hawgs cheerleader outfit. Ergo, it'll be "Whooo-Pig! SOOOOOEEEE!"

  5. Moogie, I have said it before...MS State is the best team we played...up until we had to face The Tide in their playground.

    You know...the Tide...the ones that whipped y'all sumpin' awful. Yeah, them.

    Seriously, the River Dawgz are very dang good. Their D is not so sporty in the secondary, which plays well for y'all. But, y'all gotta find an O line, or your QB is gonna be in intensive care on Thanksgiving, and beyond.

    Buck: HEH! S.E.C. I like it! In fact, I plan to use that some time about 15 minutes after the end of the BS-BCS champeenship game.

    But, before we get to Black Friday, we gotta get through the amazingly tough Klan. Nyuk! Moogie, I have been racking my brain trying to remember the last time that an SEC team was beaten in two consecutive weeks by a University from Louisiana. It doesn't happen very often, but your ole' buddy Houston will be doing the honors.

    I mean...Louisiana Tech beat him last week. Now, he's got LSU. Poor Nutt! Don't get me wrong, Tech is no push-over (heck, they beat Corch St. Nick in Tuscaloosa the first year he corched there, and they're on a roll)...but, they sure ain't no Tigers.

    The one good thing about this whole challenge is that it is VERY easy for you to fulfill your end of the deal. The United States Postal Service has not shut down yet...and Priority Mail will have all things necessary in your hands by Tuesday, November 29.

    Once again...y'all better look out for them Bulldogs. When I looked at our schedule pre-season, that was the game that made me most nervous. Of course, I didn't know then just how damn good we are.

  6. I gotta admit, I'm a little more than nervous about the Puppies -- they've been just a half-step from victory in most of their losses.

    And, as I noted in a comment over at your place, "I mean, seriously? LSU gets to cruise up to the Battle For The Boot by going through an Ole Miss team that now has half its (few) decent players suspended?!?! How much did Les pay ole' Houston Dale, do you suppose?"

    I trust you have made arrangements for your photo shoot? I wouldn't rely on the USPS -- go all the way with FedEx!

  7. Moogie, as I replied to your comment at my place:

    Moogie, the Klan is the worst team I can remember watching in the SEC in the last decade...or two.

    To bribe Nutt to lose would be like paying Sandusky to play with boys.