Monday, February 28, 2011

Those Clever Folks

One of the reasons that Sophie Wright Academy has improved its academic performance and its stature in the city is the hard work and creativity of its faculty, staff, and parent support groups.  And when I say creative, I mean creative! 

Sophie Wright owns its own (confounded!) buses, it has purchased uniforms for sports teams, bands, and spirit groups.  It does this by writing some pretty spiffy grant applications to supplement its budget, and through good ol' industrious ingenuity.  Witness:

Charge folks $20 to park, feed 'em, load 'em up on soda and beer (beer?!?!  And for only $2.00?!?!), then charge 'em to use the facilities.  They do this both weekends before Carnival.  You just have to love such a hard-working and enterprising place!

(Could this ever happen anyplace other than New Orleans?  Unlikely.)


  1. No... many things only happen in New Orleans... what a crazy place!

  2. Ya gotta wonder how the fried chicken/fish plates jive with the FLOTUS's obesity search-and-destroy programs. But the customers are out in the fresh air and moving!

  3. That is just... wait for it... too cool for school!

    Heh. I slay me. But I'm as serious as a heart attack. A school selling beer... who'd a thunk it?

  4. Ba-dum-dum **Rimshot**! Isn't it amazing! It was warm last weekend, too, and they were doing a dynamite business!

  5. Ummm. Wait. I draw the line at dynamite. That's a lil TOO entrepreneurial.

    Still slaying me, I am.

  6. Good point, Buck! Explosive, in fact.

    And the self-slaying goes on . . . .

  7. I used to love being able to buy beer at the zoo. Now I know why Dr. Doolittle talked to the animals.

    What I used to hate though, was the practice of Bourbon Street bars only letting you use the bathroom if you bought a drink. Kind of defeats the purpose, if you ask me. Fortunately after a while, I learned which establishments one could sneak into without being challenged when one has to go. THAT is the mark of a true Quarter Creature.

  8. Can I get an amen, Murph!

    Also, I don't think I've mentioned that our son's Border Collie is named Murphy. Talk about a stressed out dog.

  9. I have paid to use their rest room before. I would pay it again too! :)