Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Day the Rodents Found Themselves at Loggerheads

It's Groundhog Day and that little scaredy cat Punxhutawney Phil didn't have to hide from his own shadow, portending an early Spring for folks north of the Mason-Dixon Line.

On the other hand, in Lafayette, Louisiana, Pierre C. Shadeaux, the Cajun Nutria, did see his shadow, thus dooming us to an early, long, hot, humid summer.

On yet another hand (or toes or something), it sleeted and flurried in New Orleans today, and we are now under a Winter Weather Advisory until sometime Friday!

I think there are some confused rodents out there.


  1. Make that Advisory until sometime Saturday!

  2. See...I think I had the right idea! Got some recipes,

  3. I thought they shot nutria... nutrieaux?... down your way, Moogie. At least that's what I saw on my teevee some time ago. Things may have changed.

    I want my Spring NOW, please. Let me up... I've had ENOUGH.