Wednesday, February 16, 2011

It's Boom-Boom Time!

All right!  It's time to start getting pumped about Mardi Gras!

Moogie's Mansion is one block off the major Uptown parade route.  There are usually in excess of 20 parades that roll during the last week and a half of Carnival, and the marching bands always practice drumlines while they're waiting to get started.  Consequently, hearing drumlines always gets me pumped for Mardi Gras, and I thought I'd share a bit of that excitement with you. 

This is the Sophie Wright Marching Band, Spirit Squads, and chaperones doing an around-the-neighborhood practice run yesterday, training for the miles and miles and miles that they'll march over the next several weeks.  The little guy on his dad's shoulders in the street is our nearly-2-year-old neighbor, Ren.  He was spitting a cloud of unswallowed graham crackers from his mouth as he clapped and cheered for the band -- his dad told me that when the drums started up, Ren yelled, "Boom-boom, Daddy!  Boom-boom!  Go see!  Go see!  Go see!!!"  So, they went to go see, go see, go see!!!  Without even finishing his snack!  They're never gonna be able to get that kid to move away from the parade route.

Without further ado, Sophie Wright's finest:
Welcome to my World.  They'll do this every day for the foreseeable future.  Often.  They and their sponsors work so very hard.  Ya gotta learn to love it, and I have!


  1. Man, I am so glad that I cannot hear that every day. Since my teens, Mardi Gras can only be a day trip for me. And when the sun goes down, I am outta there...

  2. Fun! Fun! Fun!
    Once a year, we get the Arkansas School for the Deaf and Blind Homecoming parade coming by our house. We always run outside and cheer for them and wave. They love it when we make a big deal out of it. The fire truck always leads the way with its siren.

  3. Better than a Billion Buses Beepin' I always say. (Actually, I only just now said that. First time. In YOUR honor, Moogie.)

    Ah, Mardi Gras. Mebbe I'll get to do it again before I check out o' this flea bag...

  4. We're at the family-friendly, beginning of the parade route, PAul. It's a trip!

    Hooray for the Homecoming parade, Bev! It is fun to cheer them on, isn't it?

    Man, you're spot on about the beeping buses thing, but they'll be out in force the next couple of weeks. I vote for you to do Mardi Gras again!