Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Musings on Union Activity Up North

The war between Public Service unions and normal people seems to be coming to a head -- it appears that some of the fugitive Wisconsin Democrat lawmakers are cracking.  Maybe that pregnant Senator on the lam will go into labor and the ambulance that brings her back to her hospital in Wisconsin will stop by the State House in Madison for a little voting action before she has to start pushing.  It would be nice for those folks to be able to get back to some semblance of a normal life. 

Before the final vote, though, I think they should tack on one more little amendment to the Public Union bill.  Since they're always mouthing about "protecting the public welfare," the amendment should require the posting of a warning wherever the union gathers together in its name.  It could look a little like this sign I found somewhere:

I wonder if the Employee Free Choice Act will raise its ugly head any time soon?

And those clever unionized teachers have come up with a plan to save their benefits!

Sounds like the same tune we've been hearing for quite some time now.  Sheesh.


  1. Today my retread governor began the bi-annual negotiations with AFSCME. (Keep in mind that Oregon's official unemployment is just over 10% but a LOT of those people who "have jobs" are displaced and working at WAY lower wages than they're used to.)

    Governor Kitzhaber's starting point was a 6% .RAISE. for AFSCME workers and other benefits staying the same. (He should've demanded about a 15% CUT, but hey, he's a lib). I'd have to call this EXTREMELY GENEROUS under today's circumstances.

    AFSCME replied "These are the most draconian cuts we've faced in over 20 years. Unacceptable."

    These people are quickly rising through the ranks of People I Hate. Right now they're in the #3 spot behind only jihadists and commie dictators.

  2. Holy. Cow. I haven't heard of anyone offering a 6% increase! They could probably take that raise and it would more than cover the cost of the assuming their own insurance premiums! How do they figure a raise and static benefits amount to a cut?!?!


  3. Moogie, and Inno...I'll tell y'all...these folks are about to get on the taxpayers' last nerve.

    This zit really is coming to a head.

    The people I feel bad for are the guys like my brother. He is a long-time State employee. Does his job professionally, and with a disdain for the 99% of the dolts that work with/for him.

    He KNOWS the gravy train is about out of steam, but he's lumped in with the problem chirrens. There are a lot of teachers like that, too. I read their blogs, and they KNOW that blood can not be squeezed from a turnip.

    It's a mess...a big old stinky diaper...and it's gotta get changed. I have great respect for this Cheesehead Governor...much more than for my own. If Jindal had half the rocks of this guy, I'd go back to bat for him.

  4. The horrible thing about this mess is the unions seem to be winning the PR war, if one believes what one sees in the polls. I know, I know... polls lie, polls depend on how a question is worded. But the media have done a most effective job of framing the issue as "Walker taking away collective bargaining rights." Bastards.

    We shall not rant on, good members of the choir.

  5. Yeah, guys. I have relatives who are State employees and private union members. It isn't a smooth road. I still hold to he notion that unions are an anachronism, and an impediment to economic recovery.

    PR war? Prime example of the demise of journalism in these United States.