Friday, February 4, 2011

The Winter Experience South of Interstate 10

Classes have been dismissed at LSU and untold numbers of Parish schools, there have been some pretty bad pile-ups on the long bridges around here, there's a cold rain falling, and I'm wearing sweat pants and socks!  Daughters, their dogs, and their men are having a "snowed-in slumber party" at Younger Daughter's Place in Little Rock while big, fat flakes fly.

All this winter frivolity has led to The Facebook being a pretty rich source of winter weather material today.  I cracked up at these and decided to steal them, the better to share them.  Here's a video that explains to the world north of I-10 how we approach winter precipitation in the south:

And this. We are not a winter-hardy people in the South (click to enlarge):

I may not be ready for 70s or 80s, but I could surely stand to be out of the 30s.  Yeah, yeah, I know.  I hear you all playing those thumb-and-finger record players of violin music for me.  Hush up and go make some snow ice cream -- at least you have some pretty white stuff to go along with your wrapped pipes and pets-in-the-bed! 

This woman appears to have adopted the "North of Interstate 40 Attitude" --

Does that about capture it? Heh.


  1. I like her attitude! Gotta see if I wrangle that up.

  2. BTW what's the matter with the dog on the bed? A whole lot better than a hot brick!

  3. I'd seen the "well and awesome" lady before and I'm STILL tryin' to track her down...

    And Deb is right about dogs. My three pupsters always shared the bed with TSMP and I... and they were NOT at all shy about sharin' the warmth when things got chilly. I miss those ol' girls on chilly nights. The dogs, I mean...

  4. LOL Buck, I'm sure you're hell-bound for that one!

  5. BTW the dogs don't sass ya, smoke yer cigarettes, borrow the truck or drink yer beer.

  6. Socks are from The Debbil and I have worn them every day since mid-November. BOO!!!

  7. Our canine bed partner is a scrawny 16 year old shih tzu; she's not of much value in the "three dog night" department, but it makes me happy to know she's there. I'm not stepping into that human vs canine department thing!

    Socks. Tools of Satan. I'm witcha, Paul. But not bad on nights like this. Drat.