Saturday, February 5, 2011

Super Bowl Eve

Super Bowl Eve.

Since we're kind of in mourning that the Saints Championship wreath must be taken down from the front door tomorrow, apparently a Foodie contest has arisen to fill the vacuum of Championship caliber fan-dom at Moogie's Mansion.

Pepper and Bouie bagged ducks; Moogie shopped for other ingredients, cleaned produce, found spices whose location escaped the chef, washed pots and pans and a whole bunch of other stuff, and provided moral support in general for the forthcoming of Duck Andouille Gumbo.

Tomorrow, I shall prepare the 4-hour-sauce Veggie Lasagna (since access to the kitchen has been preempted by gumbo tonight), and, it's on!!!

Regardless of the outcome of the Foodie Championship at Moogie's Mansion (which we intend to take on the road as a moveable feast to friends and neighbors), let it be proclaimed now and henceforth that while Moogie is a kick-ass Chef, she is even more kick-ass as a gumbo Sous Chef.

And let it be known that Moogie will insist on adequate kitchen ventilation in any future dwellings. Or easily disabled smoke alarms.

Good rouxs produce some serious smoke!


  1. Grr! Smoke alarms that bark every time the [whatever] comes out of the oven! I hates 'em, too!

    What we really need is a black-n-gold Saints vs. black-n-gold Steelers in the Super Bowl. That'd be a GAME.

  2. Now THAT'S what I'm talking about! Excellent plan for a thoroughly black and gold Super Bowl!

  3. Or easily disabled smoke alarms.

    One of the advantages of low ceilings is you can take the smoke detector down before you cook. I HATE being reminded I forgot to do so whilst cooking. ;-)

    What's the radius of operations for Moogie's Movable Feast? Does it cross state lines?

  4. I wish the Feast could cross state lines, Buck! After building the lasagna today, and considering all the gumbo, we could probably feed a whole third world nation! As it is, we'll feed neighbors and friends - except those friends in faraway places!