Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Afterglow

Valentine's Day 2011 concluded with an amazingly good (if I do say so myself -- and I do!) dinner that involved scallops, lobster, asparagus, pasta, and chocolate.  All enjoyed at home, far from the madding crowds at restaurants.  I even vacuumed!

It was too cool to sit on the freshly-cleaned porch by the time Pepper got home, so we enjoyed the champagne with strawberries macerated in Cointreau indoors, in the company of the dogs and Wheel of Fortune.  Vanna looked lovely, as did I in my "Kitchen Diva" apron.

Although I didn't expect a thing, Pepper surprised me with something simple and shiny!  He told me I'm lucky he thinks Mignon-Faget is such a cool store, and I certainly can't disagree.  He also presented me with the sweetest and most thoughtful store-bought card I've ever seen!  For real!  Here it is.

First, the cover:

Now, the inside:

He knows us soooo well.  Isn't that the sweetest thing you've ever seen!

Bouie, on the other hand, doesn't appear to be the biggest fan of Valentine's Day.  Here he is trying not to chew on a remembrance from Valentine's Day past.  Just look at that expression!


There's something so romantic about not planning an over-the-top observation of a Hallmark-related event, and discovering that being in the comfortable presence of a loved one can become over-the-top all on its own.

Even so, shiny things will always offer romantic potential.  Especially unexpected shiny things.  Insert smiley face here!


  1. Even so, shiny things will always offer romantic potential. Especially unexpected shiny things. You lucky girl. I'm sure that whatever he picked out of that store was way cool.

  2. I am a lucky girl! And it's definitely way cool -- and shiny!

  3. OK, the pics of the card and Bouie are all well and good... but... the FOOD, Girl! The FOOD! (And mebbe one of that brand new and unexpected shiny thing. On your person, of course.)

    What Deb said, too.

  4. Amazing pictures. We can give such a type of gifts to our valentine to make our day happy.