Monday, February 7, 2011

A Major Award: Better than an Emmy, but Probably Not as Good as a Pulitzer.

Nearly a week ago, whilst making the blogrounds, I discovered that my buddy in Oregon, Innominatus, had deemed  my little ol' Moogie's World worthy of the coveted Stylish Blogger Award!  I've been beside myself with pride ever since, even though Inno won't tell me whether the award comes with a crown and whether I must travel to Oregon to acquire said crown.

So now, I step up to fulfill (most) of the prerequisites to donning the diadem of Stylish Blogs.  The following is Inno's description of the prereqs:

Receiving this award comes with some conditions: I'm supposed to list 7 things about me, then list 15 good blogs I've recently encountered. Those 15 bloggers will then be eligible for this award, if they likewise mention those 7 things and list 15 good blogs. You can do the math... If each of those 15 cite 15 more and so on, that's 15n and n doesn't have to get very big before every last blog on earth has been mentioned. How unfortunate it'll be for that last very blogger to receive this award - the one who realizes that there are no more blogs out there left to forward this award to, and this whole thing has been nothing but a viciously darwinian way of determining who is the very LEAST stylish blogger in the world.
I'd better hurry before I become the least stylish blogger in the world.

Let's see.  Seven things about me.

1.  I like crowns.
2.  I often like to boogie oogie oogie til I just can't boogie no more.
3.  I can touch the tip of my nose with my tongue.
4.  I can be five feet in height if I stand up very straight and think tall thoughts.
5.  One of my very, very least favorite places in the world is in a line at any U.S. Post Office.  Or in a line most anywhere.
6.  Football ranks highly among my religious dogmas.
7.  Misused apostrophes may send me right over the edge someday, and the authorities will find me in a bell tower with a semi-automatic weapon and a copy of Strunk & White's Elements of Style. (How very apropos to mention that likelihood here!)

There.  First prereq done.

Next, to nominate some Stylish blogs I follow, some of which may have already been nominated, and most of which aren't particularly new to me.  If that small diversion wrecks my chance at getting a crown, so be it.  It'll save me a trip to Oregon where they apparently have some, um, "interesting" city policies.

So, in no particular order, here goes:

1.  Exiled in Portales.  Buck's ruminations on most anything that crosses his mind.  And beer.  And cigars.  And music.
2.  My Voice on the Wings of Change.  Namaste's rants about politics, race, and tennis.  She tells it like it is.
3.  MacBourne's Musings.  Guns, politics, and the great outdoors.  With a flair.
4.  Lagniappe's Lair.  A man, his dogs, their guns, and their adventures with popcorn, ice cream, and cats.  And snow.  Lots of snow.
5.  Boogie's Blog.  A young man in Mississippi weighs in on what's happening now.  And other times.
6.  Ack, Thbbt!  Family and the stuff that happens.
7.  Hillcrest Cottage Life.  The Arts, the neighborhood, and family.  And lots of uplifting thoughts.
8.  A Blonde and a Brunette.  Two women's views on the world of fashion, entertainment, and fun.
9.  Look, A Baby Wolf!  Just plain funny.
10.  Bad Example.  Ruminations of a funny guy.  Sonmetimes with salty language. 
11.  Andy's Place.  Andy's world and views from northern Louisiana.  Plus, since this is at least his second nomination, he's gonna have to do lots of catching up!  So, I guess I'll be kind and nominate One Happy Dog Speaks instead.  It's a good place to visit.  You're off the hook, Andy.
12.  Chicks on the Right.  Two conservative women share their views, "because conservatism needs a makeover."
13.  Bless Our Hearts.  Southern Girl and The General offer observations and analyses of politics and government.  Except they've been sadly neglecting this blog for waaay too long.
14.  Our Little World.  A young couple's voyage though life with dogs and family.
15.  As You Were.  The adventures of one of the World's Oldest Second Lieutenants as he waltzes through the world of field artillery.

So now.  Go visit these folks and tell them they are Award Winners (even if Ed McMahon isn't going to show up on their doorsteps).  But, remind them that I am the only one to wear the crown!  It's mine, I tell you.  With Style.


  1. Whew! Moogie, you are a friend, indeed. The pressure of coming up with 14 things about myself would have been more than I could bear.

    I'm still working on the first 7, and am stuck on #3.

    BTW, your mansion definitely deserved the high praise Inno throwed at it.

  2. BTW, outside of beer, cigars, and music, what else crosses Buck's mind?

    Just sayin'...

    Oh, never mind. ONE MORE THING just came to mind...I mean besides airplanes, and weather. If you know what I mean.

  3. Heh. You're pretty funny, Andy. Really. I mean it. Srsly.

    Back to the bid'niz at hand... Would ya ring me up when you're headed off to the bell tower, Moogie? You'll need someone to "get yer back" and I'm Yer Man. I think we... izzit OK for me to include myself here?... need to choose an appropriate bell tower, which is to say someplace where Strunk & White is widely disregarded and/or unknown for all practical purposes. Needless to say, Number Seven struck a nerve with me.

    Thanks for the link and the nomination. I hate to quote a DamnYankee in your fine house, but in the immortal words of one W.T. Sherman: "I will not accept if nominated and will not serve if elected." You can have my tiara to add to your collection; a girl can NEVER have too many. The opposite is true for my gender, in that one is one too many. ;-)

  4. You're welcome, Andy. Just don't be too much of a slacker about it, okay. You have 4 - 7 in you -- I just know it!

    When the time arrives -- as it surely will -- and if I'm coherent enough, Buck, I shall summon you as my wingman. Bring your copy of Strunk & White, too. And your tiara. I should look nice for the cameras -- "I'm ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille."

  5. wait. what?

    this is a BIG surprise, moogie. THANK YOU SO MUCH! it's so cool of you to think of me!


  6. the nice thing about these events is i get to learn about some other bloggers. i'm off to investigate your other awardees. thanks again, moogie!

  7. You're most welcome, and MOST worthy, M!!! Finding new places to visit is one of my favorite parts of blog rounds. Have fun!

  8. Psst. You need to fix the MacBourne's Musings link... it takes ya to Namaste's place.

  9. OO!


    When the day job allows, there will be postiness...


    Postiness complete