Saturday, February 12, 2011

Saga of the Spring, Chapter Next -- Evolution of a Pothole

Perhaps we should have requested an asphalt crew in addition to the water-main repair crew. Those literal folks who answered the phone at the "Help, there's water pouring out of my street!" department apparently just create holes to repair water pipes, and the citizenry must request street repair from a separate "Hey!  Shovel something over that hole in the street!" department. 

The water pipe repair crew filled in the hole it dug, but, this being New Orleans and all where it rains quite a bit, the absence of anything to seal the replaced dirt in place has allowed the dirt to escape once more via being washed out.  Hence, . . .

. . . where once there was a babbling "spring,"

there is now a growing pothole.

I think some folks are gonna sprain some ankles in a couple of weeks come parade time.  Maybe I should buy an orange cone to stick in the pothole to warn overserved and/or observance-challenged revelers.

Nah.  Last time I put out orange cones to try to save parking spots, someone stole 'em.

Wonder how deep it'll get?


  1. Wonder how deep it'll get?

    I'm thinkin' you're asking a question for which there is no answer. Based upon what I've read in these pages, anyhoo.

  2. They probably used that orange cone for a hat...haha

  3. Maybe we can ask the grave digging supervisors, Buck!

    You have a point, Bev -- I'll have to check it out in the Quarter on Mardi Gras!