Monday, December 20, 2010

Has the Spring Run Dry?

The Spring is plugged!  And on a Sunday, no less!

Pepper and I came home yesterday afternoon to a large portion of the Sewerage and Water Board repair crew digging up our street, shovelling leaves and piles of dirt onto our lawn, hanging out, driving a front loader around backwards so that its reverse BEEP-BEEP-BEEP rang out loud and clear, and chatting with one another.  Most of the repair crew department's rolling stock appeared to be stationed at the corner of Moogie's Mansion, too, so we had to park a block away.

We're not sure how long they were in the neighborhood in toto because we were in and out all day and evening. But, when we arrived home for good around 8:00-ish with our Cajun Eggnog Drive-through Daiquiris after Carols and Candles in Jackson Square, we circled the block to be sure there would be a place for us to park, and they were gone!  Finished!  Leaving just a big mess and the absence of a fountain springing from the manhole cover as proof that they'd been there.

Maybe the saga of the Jena Street Artesian Spring has come to an end.  I'll miss its soothing, gurgling sound.

And I really wonder how much in overtime that nifty little repair job cost.

No -- I probably don't want to know.


  1. I am very afraid that is in my very near future, too. The ice collapsed a section of sewer right in front of our place in Lexington. We'll be gone a week, I hope they are finished when we get back.

  2. Oooh. I hope you miss the "experience!" Safe travels!

  3. hahaha. Two Entergy men (and sorry if that is Pepper's employer!) were in our fenced back yard digging a hole. Finally, Jeff went outside to see why. They had not given the courtesy of explaining to we the property owners OR asking us if they could come inside our fenced back yard.
    Turns out, they were putting in a new telephone pole... in the middle of our yard... 3 feet from our fire pit. In fact, one worker sat on the fire pit's edge while the other one dug.
    After a lot of calls, we were told that it was a good thing we stopped them because it would have been a thousand dollars to move it had they actually installed it!
    go figure.

  4. OH MY GOSH! Utilities -- what area we gonna do with them. In the middle of your yard for real?!?! And we haven't been able to get Entergy to come trim a tree in Veronica's backyard that took down a line last summer, even with Pepper calling. Go figure.

  5. Cajun Eggnog Drive-through Daiquiris?

    Well, I'm glad you've adapted...

  6. Oh, man! They are to die for! And they leave the tip of the paper wrapper on top of the straw, so you don't have an "open container!" December is pretty much the only time of year we get daiquiris, but we can't resist the Cajun Eggnog. The flesh is weak . . . . resistance is futile.

  7. Heh! No open it! I met a lady a couple of years ago that was a school teacher in New Orleans for about 30 years. She and her husband were retiring here in redneck NW Louisiana.

    She was very nice. I asked her how she was adjusting. She said, "Well, I like it very much. The only thing is that I can't drink a beer while I'm grocery shopping."


    I asked her why not? I don't think there's any law against driving a shopping cart while drinking.

    NO is definitely "different."

  8. On a Sunday AND during the holidays! MOST impressive. It looks like your call-a-thon produced results. Good on all y'all.

    The Cajun Eggnog Daiquiris caught MY eye, too. You REALLY make me wanna pack up and move to The City, Moogie. Not necessarily The CRESCENT City, although the thought has occurred.