Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Moogie Gets Reflective -- and More Smarter

Now that life seems to be returning to normal around Moogie's Mansion (whatever that may be!), I'd like to share a few ruminations that have been rattling around in my head.

First off, our precious granddaughter, Princess Lizzy, turned 3 on January 14th!  Oddly enough, this odd blog also turned 2 on that very same day.  So Happy Birth-iversary to us, Lizzy Lou!!!

I looked back at last year's Blogiversary post, and found it pretty tame and standard.  It was, however, absolutely true in its simplicity.

Nonetheless, I've learned a lot about life, and the blogosphere, since last year. 

Life is mainly about relationships.  It's odd how the human psyche craves relationships.  We may have the best friends and families on the face of the Earth that fulfill us to no end, yet we still yearn for more contact.  We "adopt" pets, we cultivate plants, we name our automobiles.  Even the Cast Away dude made a friend of Wilson, the basketball, and grieved its loss at sea.

Today, we spend hours in cyberspace, both in Social Media and the blogosphere, trading yarns, opinions, and barbs with people we've never laid eyes upon in person, yet feel as comfortable around as the chums we made in elementary school.  That's the spot where I find myself today. 

That's also where I didn't find myself in late December - early January when my routine was discombobulated by the holidays, merriment, serious footballage, and the onset of Carnival.  And I have since learned that the discombobulance made a difference to, and had an effect on, me on several levels.

First off, I missed you guys!  I missed having the opportunity to visit your spots a couple of times a day to catch up on what you were doing and to leave a snarky (or supportive) comment.  I missed having the time to post the fruits of my brilliant discourse and analysis, prodding some of you to leave snarky (or supportive) comments here.  I may not ever say it, but I truly do appreciate your comments.  As many of you have already admitted, I now openly acknowledge that it really does mean a lot for people to take the time to think about what I've come up with and type a reaction or two.  That's a connection that is very, very real, regardless of tactility. 

And there.  That word, tactility.  I wouldn't have come up with that word last week.  I wouldn't have come up with that word because of the Second  Lesson I've learned about this blogging thing.

Bloggers are among the best informed folks around; they're the best researchers, the cleverest wits, unafraid to express their true opinions and duel with those whose opinions differ.  Becoming that type of folk requires a great deal of intellectual work.  And that was another thing I missed during the holiday hiatus -- the intellectual work.  I physically worked my derriere into near exhaustion with important, yet mundane things, like hostessing and housework and feast-making, but I finally recognize that I need more than that to keep my brain on its toes. Use it or lose it is a very real concept.  Probably more so as we age.  It hit me square in the noggin last week when I had to ask Pepper while we were watching a movie what the name of that town is -- you know, the capital of Norway.  Not the capital of Sweden; the capital of Norway.

Today, after just a few days of regular research and blogging, I'd never have to Google Oslo. 

That's pretty much of a major relief in the Alzheimer's fear sphere.

So.  To keep me properly befriended and on my mental toes, I vow not to let my research and blogging slip as much in the future.  Watching non-stop movies in the company of family, and sharing drinks with corporeal friends are important, but the ol' brain needs its daily recommended dose of gritty stimulation, too.

(It probably didn't hurt the mental mush, either, that Congress was in recess and I could shove them into a drawer in my head and ignore them for a few weeks.  Congress is definitely a stimulus, both to lucidity and to the blood pressure.)

Again, so.  Here's to another year rattling around the blogosphere, and to my friends and families, both physical and virtual!!!  Good health, good times, and bon mots!!!!!

Love, MoogieP.


  1. Well said. Next time I'm spending way too much time on the 'puter and my wife starts nagging, I can counter with "It's for my BRAIN! Don't you care about my brain?!"

  2. Quite possibly the best and most thoughtful blog-birthday post evah. I rilly mean that.

    I hear ya about bein' disconnected and that's the main reason I popped for a new laptop this past summer. I wasn't ABOUT to go on the road for a month and lose contact with my blog-buds. Nunh-unh. Nevah hoppen, Gee-Eye!

    So. Happy blog-day to you... and Happy Happy to Princess Lizzy!

  3. What in the world is a MOT? And why would I want to BON it?

  4. Definitely, Inno. The younger you start, the better. Unless, of course, you hit the computer instead of some other more important thing, as younger folk are wont to do. Think before you compute!

    Thanks, Buck. I thought you might "get it." I'm gonna be more careful in the future. And The Princess had a fab celebration with her friends and family, except for her Daddy, who is in the midst of cannon-cocking school. And excelling!

    Why, MoM! You already Bon your Mots! Except when you use made- up Mots. As we all do.

  5. Happy belated blogday, Moogie. I'll just second the others (except for Two Dogs). A very fine piece that says it all about this odd hobby called blogging.

    I feel sorry for people that don't "get it." I mean, those people that participate in the sport, but fail to grab the goodie from it. I'm rambling here, but you know the types I'm talking about.

    It's been a great ride alongside, young lady.

    If I could make one request...please do not post that election night pitcher of Michelle again. With my odd hours of late, there's no telling when I may drop in. I may have just eaten, or may need to settle down to sleep...and in either case, there would be an unpleasant result.

  6. *tink*

    Happy Blogiversary.

    And I'll throw this link in, because it seems relevant:

  7. Thanks, gents!

    About the MO pic -- I feel your, um, feelings, Andy and will do my best to accommodate us. And I knew you'd get it, too.

    And I totally agree with the cat, H!! Totally!