Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Barry the Sideshow Guy, and The State of the Circus

Yes, our Young President has joined the Circus as "BO, the Amazing Rubber Man." 

You can see how his act is adjusting to the message sent by voters last November -- he's learned the error of his Progressive ways and is moving toward the center!  Couldn't you tell from his campaign, or SOTU, or STFU, or whatever, speech last night?

Look again. 

While his words and face might have been coming at you from the smack-dab center of the political tightrope, his feet were firmly planted on the far left platform.  Let's just call him "Stretch," shall we?

Don't buy the sleight of face, folks.  Don't buy it.

Just one more thing -- where does he get off suggesting that our service men and women in Iraq have cause to do anything other than hold their heads high?!?!  What a clueless jerk.

I'm glad that spectacle is over with for another year.  And that Pelosi had to sit in the gallery with the rest of the ordinary Congressfolk.  I'm glad about that.  How do you like coach, Madame ex-Speaker!


  1. ...SOTU, or STFU, or whatever, speech last night?

    Heh. Great Minds, and all that.

    Ryan was good, tho, wasn't he?

  2. Yes he was. Sooooooo much better than Jindal last year! Thank goodness.