Monday, January 24, 2011

Musings on a Dark and Rainy Evening

Here are some musings for ya.

How come the garbage bag waits to break and spill until you've struggled to get out of the kitchen door without an eager dog, it's dark and rainy, and you've already busted a blood vessel trying to move the big green monster trash can far enough away from the house to get the lid to stay propped open so you could've swung the previously unbusted garbage bag into said big green monster on an evening when your blood sugar is running low and you've been understandably a little testy? Trust me, you've been understandably a little testy. Trust me, okay?!?!

And just who busts a blood vessel in the knuckle of her pinky finger anyway? And who ever suspected a busted blood vessel in the pinky finger would smart so much?

Just wondering.


  1. Awwww... it stinks to be "petite" when the trash can are so LARGE!!!!!

  2. Absolutely! I knew you'd appreciate where I'm coming from!

  3. Well, I COULD quote Gregg Allman here, but my sense of self-preservation is way too strong. ;-)

  4. I'm gonna have to get Pepper to watch that Allman vid. That's some mighty fine guitarrin'!

    And you're still alive!!

  5. And you're still alive!!

    And you're still benevolent. ;-)

  6. The cure? Glad ForceFlex bags. Stretchy as hell, they're very hard to even puncture, and they never tear or split. I made the switch a couple years ago & never looked back.