Friday, January 28, 2011

The Middle East -- The Big Uneasy

Don't know about you, but I'm pretty uneasy about this situation in Egypt.

And genuinely thankful I don't live in Israel.

This might be a pretty good time to invest in domestic oil exploration.


  1. Yeah, the situation ain't good over there. What amazed me is Mubarak shut down the internet. I'm amazed on a number of levels... that he could, for starters, and that he would. I cannot begin to imagine the economic fall-out from that move. The Egyptian banks must be going ballistic. (No pun...)

  2. Oooh. Don't say the ballistic word, Buck! And don't you imagine that international banking on the whole, and air travel/commerce are frantic?

    Watching the Internet get shut down completely over there should help get that kill-switch thing idea over here scuttled. I hope.

  3. Domestic oil? What's that? Obama shut it all down last year, and we couldn't re-start production tomorrow of we had to.