Monday, January 17, 2011

A Man, His Dog, Cold Water, and Lots of Ducks Falling From the Sky

Many of you have read about the hunting exploits of Pepper and Bouie, the Retriever Extraordinaire, and have seen his "calendar dog" photos.  I just know you lie awake nights, wishing you could experience "the hunt" in person and watch Bouie do his thing.

Well, I can't send you there in person, but The Son uploaded a couple of videos to the YouTube that he shot shortly after Christmas, so you can at least see Bouie in action cinematically!

They stick, for some reason, but if you wait a few seconds while that little "working, working" cog-looking thingy spins around and around, they'll resume playing.

And thus we have the main ingredient for Duck Gumbo. 

I'm such a proud Mom!!!


  1. Funny, it sure doesn't look very cold. Duck hunting has always been my favorite, but I like to break ice on the way to the blind.

    And good dog.

  2. That is his element!

    There was no ice until last week, and we were already back in Louisiana where the ice is kinda scarce, but the gators lurk in waiting.

  3. Nice. When I was a kid, we could never convince our Lab that the Duck/Pheasant/whatever was supposed to get retrieved in one piece.

    Guess she thought she earned a couple bites out of each one...

  4. jealous city boy watches in envy... but he did bring home 13 duck on saturday... eating them tonight!

  5. The vids worked fine for me... no waiting!

    And... Mmmmm. Gumbo!

    Good dog!

  6. It's all about the internet speed. If you have slow speeds, just press pause until the red line goes all the way across, then press play.

    Bouie was awesome that day!

  7. Good tip, kid! Thanks! Glad you got him on video! Did you meet the Viking in a Track Suit in the previous post?