Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sugar High! Wooo Pig Soooieee!!!!

There's some Wooo Pig Sooooieeing going on in the Big Easy!  Twelve houseguests have been fed in shifts, most have headed to Champions Square or the Quarter, kitchen is cleaned up, the Entergy HQ building adjacent to the Dome is flying the Arkansas state flag, and we're gearing up for a Sugar High in mighty fine seats!

Oh yeah -- there was the incident that required a fire truck, an ambulance, 2 Police cars and an Inspector, but I'll save that for another day.  Good times, and strange, at Moogie's Mansion!

Let's go, Razorbacks!!!!!  WPS!!!


  1. Moogie, Pam and I were discussing this am what a carnival the Mansion must be right now.

    I mentioned your silence, and she said, "I bet it's not silent around her place."

    Pullin' for the Pigs! Actually, this is the first bowl game I've squared time off to look at, even though I've caught some of a few.

    I can't barely wait to hear about how y'all screwed up the NOPD, FD, and Mr. Gadget.

    But, more important things await us tonight, huh? Good luck on y'all's Hawgz!

    I'm not sure I've ever mentioned it before, but I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY hate the livin' crap out of Ohio State.

  2. The one thing that unifies all decent people and bridges all cultural divides is our common loathing of tOSU.


    And looking forward to the post that tells us about the PD/FD/Ambalamps/CIA/KGB all dropping in for their visit.

  3. My condolences. Helluva game, tho.

    And now life gets back to normal?

  4. Thatnks for the support and kind thoughts, all. I'll recover. Someday.