Thursday, January 14, 2010

Celebrate Good Times!

Happy FIRST Blogiversary to me!

Thank you, Shady Lady, for creating Moogie's World for me! It's been much more effective (and way cheaper!) than psychological therapy, but it has rendered me pretty much useless for outside activities on many an occasion.

I've made some wonderful Blog Buddies whom I feel I know in person, and I've blown my top at others whose posts are blithering nonsense. I've been able to communicate with the circus in Washington, and kept up with current events much more thoroughly than ever before.

Thanks to all who visit me in Moogie's World -- cyberspace is a great place for a vacation spot!

Coincidentally, today is also #3 grandchild's second birthday! Happy Birthday, lovely little lady Lizzy Lou! May you always be one step ahead of your big brothers, and one half-step behind your folks -- as your Daddy points out, the parents have been out-numbered since you were born!


  1. What Rustmeister said. And Happy Birthday to Lil Lizzy, too!

  2. Congrats on your one-year anniversary!!!

    Maybe next year you can have something bigger to celebrate with than a cupcake. At least you could afford more than one candle...

  3. ::cue anniversary music::


    ...oh happy day

    I'm so happy to have gotten to know your blogself!