Sunday, January 23, 2011

Passing a Good Time

Moogie has "passed" a nice weekend, as they say down here in southeast Louisiana.

I got to catch up on a lot of blogstalking.  I got to lounge around on the couch with Rosie, order middle eastern food delivery, and watch a couple of what I figured to be chick-flickish movies that Pepper wouldn't appreciate.  (It turns out that I think he'd like them both:  Eat, Pray, Love and Valentine's Day.)  I got to leave dishes in the sink without guilt!

Since Pepper took Bouie's crate with them, I also got to vacuum the powder room (usually referred to, with affection, as "Bouie's Room") that has been occupied by a sheddy Labrador retriever's crate since late 2006.  Talk about a filthy, hairy mess!  I put off that chore until today, knowing that it would make me sick.

And I got to sleep until I awoke on Saturday morning!-- no bratty dog begging to go on a walk or an adventure at the crack of dawn!   Then I spent the day at the Quarterly ESGR leadership meeting at recently rededicated Jackson Barracks, headquarters of the Louisiana National Guard, drowned by Katrina's storm surge and the federal levee failures.

How did all this free time come to be, you ask?  Yep, you guessed it: Pepper and Bouie went hunting!  They had a great 3-day hunt.  Bouie got to flush and retrieve quail, pheasant, and chukker.  (I'm still not quite sure about that chukker thing, but Pepper says they're pretty much like big quail, "but more of a meal," so they shouldn't taste foreign or anything.  I'm still not so sure.  This one looks pretty mean!  Are mean birds tasty?)

After we got the truck unloaded and Pepper was starting to put things away, Bouie sat right beside the equipment.  Even though he's pretty well exhausted ( and starving because he gets too excited to eat during a hunt), he was not about to let his dad put that gear back in the truck and go on another hunt without him!

It's good to have them home.  It was a little too calm around here to suit me.  Plus, I had to come home to an empty house guarded only by a quirky security system and a blind 16 year old shih tzu following my wonderful Girls Night at the Hive!

The hunt came up after we had already bought tickets.  Pepper said he'd come home early if I could't find anyone who wanted to go with me, but my wonderful neighbor came through!  When I called to ask her if she'd like to join me for Girls Night Out, her husband said tat depended on whether he had to entertain Pepper while we went to the game.  Heh.  Her husband has a rather droll sense of humor.

And, Woo hoo!  The Hornets stung the Spurs 96 - 72 as we cheered them on!

Right now, today, there's football!  Granted, it's not the Saints, so it's not nearly as much fun as last year, but I think I'll enjoy football while it lasts.  It's a long time -- and a heckuva lot of baseball to survive -- til August.


  1. Bouie is such a handsome dog. I am glad he had fun on the hunt. Be sure and tell us how that mean bird tasted!

  2. ...order middle eastern food delivery...

    Why must you ALWAYS make me drool... in at least two senses of the term, Moogie? This statement makes me recall, fondly, this wonderful delivery service we had when I lived in Beserkeley. Apparently a consortium of restaurants banded together for the service, and one had a choice of way too many ethnic cuisines to name here. The menus were on-line and you could order on-line, too. It was pricey, sure, but the gainfully employed didn't much mind the expense, especially after a long-ass day.

    I swear... you keep doin' this and I just MIGHT have to move back to civilization.

    I'm glad ya had a good weekend, my extraneous rambling aside. Pepper and Bouie, too!