Monday, December 20, 2010

Shhhh! It's a Secret!

Remember the post that described our Bouie as a "Calendar Dog?"

Well, now he is, officially!

I "created" a Bouie calendar for Pepper for Christmas on Shutterfly!

I chose the "calendar dog" pic for November because November is the beginning of "real" duck season.  Pepper and Bouie are going hunting over our Christmas trip to Arkansas.  As Pepper was loading the truck with tons of hunting paraphernalia (including Bouie's neoprene vest, which he has apparently outgrown), he told Bouie, "I wouldn't have to schlep all this *stuff* if it weren't for you!"  Ri-gh-t -- Bouie's the only one who enjoys the hunt and the camaraderie.

I really love that picture on the cover.  I took it on a Sunday when we had taken Bou to Audubon Park for a romp, and they walked ahead of me (as usual!) under a canopy of ancient, resilient oaks, together. What a great way to head into a new year -- together, with one best friend at your side and another watching your back.

But don't tell either Pepper or Bouie about the calendar!  It's a surprise!


  1. Nyuk! I love, I love my little calendar dog...each and every day of the year!

    I'm tellin' Pepper. I'm evil like that.

  2. What an AWESOME present!!!!!!!!!! I love it!

  3. He loved it! And he got to open it before Andy spilled the beans!