Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Paying It Forward -- For Our Troops

Times are tough and funds are tight this time of year, we all know that.  But, this time of year also gives one pause, and the incentive, to think about those who are in need, whether physically or emotionally.

Having stuffed my own memories of deployments and trainings and schools in a drawer in my head since Pepper's retirement, I don't care to bring them out into the daylight.  But, currently having a son at an Army school during the holidays who is also preparing to deploy to Afghanistan within a year gives me a slightly different perspective on what military families go through -- especially the children -- when the mom or dad is away.  It ain't easy.  The road the little ones walk down is neither level nor completely surfaced.

Fortunately, there are groups out there willing to help them.  I found one today at Stop Shouting!, a delightful conservative blog I recently stumbled across.  You really should stop by and read the November 20th post, "My Rebuttal to a Progressive who Admonished Me to Play Nice .... ," if nothing else.  It'll get your blood flowing, in a good way.

The organization featured today is the National Military Family Association.  It's a genuinely joint group that assists children and families who have a parent serving in all branches of military service, both active and reserve components.  The Association is doing a December fundraising drive for "Operation Camp Purple," a free summer camp for military kids, and every dollar raised through December 31st will be matched by the Newman's Own Foundation up to $100,000. 

I've always been a huge fan of Newman's Own oil and vinegar salad dressing because it doesn't contain any vegetable gum stabilizers, like xantham gum or guar gum or whatever-the-heck gum.  But now I have a huge reason to love it all the more!  Now I know it'll help my beloved military families!

I made a donation today (and bought another bottle of dressing -- it's also a terrific marinade).  It'd be a shame if any of that $100 grand from the Foundation were left sitting on the table.  So, if'n you're so inclined and have an extra buck or thousand laying around, think about kicking in.  And spread the word.

'Tis the season to love one another!  Especially those who serve us.

Really serve us -- not like those clowns in Congress or the White House.  They don't even know the definition of service, much less its application.  Those who wear the uniform -- and those who love them -- live the definition of service.

Okay, Moogie's coming down off the soapbox now.  For a little while.


  1. Okay, Moogie's coming down off the soapbox now.

    That's a fine soapbox ya got there, Moogie. FINE.