Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas With a Crescent City Flair

Courtesy of my friend, Janet -- the Queen of New Orleans -- I'd like to share a little local Christmas color:

and a recipe for a by-pass on a plate that might be worth every single bite:

This may be one of the most clever Christmas cards I've seen yet!  (Click to enlarge and try to ignore the misused apostrophe.  Banana's?  Really?!?!)

Merry Christmas Eve Eve Eve Eve!


  1. I've always wanted to try making this dessert. Thanks!
    The apostrophe makes it all the more Southern. There were so many things people said in Mobile that would make me laugh... words that were butchered, improper grammar, etc. I'm sure that we have our share here in Arkansas (hahaha) as well.

  2. That is a mouth-watering recipe, indeed. Thanks for sharing that!

  3. Moogie, when I was about 12 years old, my beloved Granddaddy & my Grandmother (not so beloved to me, btw) took me to Florida on a vacation. I'm not sure what year it was...must have been 1971, or 1972...DisneyWorld had just opened.

    On the way back to Bossier, we stopped in New Orleans for a couple of days. Granddaddy & Granny traveled a lot (Europe, Asia, Canada, the South Pacific, Hawaii, etc.), and had also spent a bunch of time in the Crescent City. Granddaddy said we had to go to "Brennan's for breakfast." So we did...and we had Bananas Foster (cooked at the table with real alcohol & flames & a chef I had trouble understanding).

    That was after eating Eggs Benedict, and I think a New Orleans Gin Fizz as a starter. Seriously. I was about 12...maybe 13...and I remember it pretty dang well all these years later.

    We've tried Bananas Foster here at the house a time or two. And, as good a cook as Pam is (actually, she and I have enjoyed it at Brennan's, too)...we just don't have the equipment to do it like they did at Brennan's.

    Good memories, Moogie! Good times. Girl...I sure miss my beloved Granddaddy. Even though he only lived to be 68, he sure knew how to squeeze enjoyment out of every second.

    I'm glad he introduced me to that fabulous desert.

  4. I think I've gained 3 pounds just thinking about it, guys!

    That is a good memory, Andy! And I don't think a thing has changed at Brennan's.