Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Santa Brought Me an Early Present!

The full Senate voted unanimously this morning to convict Federal District Judge Thomas Porteous on all Articles of Impeachment!  He was immediately removed from the bench and will be denied his $174, 000 per year pension.

You may recall that his primary defense centered around the notion that most of the things he and his cronies were accused of doing occurred while he was sitting on the state bench, so the feds shouldn't have any problems with them.  The very brazen idea!!

As a resident of southeast Louisiana, I have only this to say:  Merry early Christmas to me!

Since they actually voted to boot out one of their own, maybe they're not all crooked in D.C..  

What am I saying?!?  They almost sucked me in!  (See: Charles Rangel.)


  1. Yay. I wish I could post a smug comment on the site, but they've kicked me off so many times for speaking my mind (and opposing democrats) that I can't even get back on using throwaway e-mail accounts.

    Mock them for me, will ya?

  2. Yep! This is definitely Louisiana. The ONLY officials ever chastised are done so by the feds.

    Been that way my whole life...from dog catcher, to police jury, to Goober...the feds have to do it. And in this case, the Senate. Well, at least they got something right.

  3. Well... a ray o' hope. We're NOT living in Nigeria (or whatever third-world corruption reference suits ya), after all.

  4. ticks me off so badly that I rarely post tere anymore.

    The Senate got this right, Andy, but they have lots of time before they go home.

    I'm not so sure I'd go that far, Buck!