Friday, December 10, 2010

The Tax Debate is Hazardous to My Health

I've avoided it long enough.

It's time for Moogie to weigh in on the tax debate spinning around Washington in a freakin' LAME DUCK Congress!  The chicken sh*ts facing re-election wouldn't even stand up for their "middle class values" in public and hunkered down until after they had been routed at the polls, so now they really feel the need to stick it to us.

Caveat -- Moogie offers her thoughts and opinions at the risk of bringing on apoplexy.

Perhaps it is a character flaw, or greed, or some other misfire in my make-up, but I cannot find a way even to comprehend the liberal view that some people are more equal than others.  The liberal view appears to favor low income folks over those who have higher incomes or pricier possessions.  Some low-income folks are not required to share their stuff with others at all while the more "fortunate" are expected to fork over nearly half of what they work to produce, or more.  Even after they're dead!

Let me tell you -- Pepper came from dirt poor to nicely comfortable not through some nebulous cosmic good fortune or roll of the dice, but rather by the sweat of his brow and backbreaking work and stressful dedication.  And, I might add, I did my part, too, since I was about 13 working in my parents' small family business, working my way through law school as a bartender and cocktail waitress, all the way through practicing law and then teaching it, and even doing another part-time retail stint, all while maintaining a pretty nice home life and raising some pretty good kids.  Neither of us ever worked fewer hours than people making minimum wage -- we probably worked longer hours since we weren't subject to overtime ramifications -- yet we are expected to contribute considerably more of our income to the public weal than minimum wagers.  WTF?!?!

And what about those people who work "for cash?"  They pay nothing in, yet send their children to public schools and accept the services of first responders and use the public roadways.  Yet another WTF.  But, some might say, those work-for-cashers do so in exchange for receiving no social security benefits upon retirement.  To that argument I say, WTF?!?!  Social security was never intended to be a total retirement income; it was sold by FDR as simply a supplement to one's own savings or pension to keep the wolf off the front stoop of really old  65-year-old folks (life expectancy in 1935 was roughly 61 years.).  But today, it has become a giant cache of cash that can be accessed by those who know how to game the system.

So, in essence, liberals in Congress, under the guise of "helping those less fortunate" are stealing from the producers and giving it to heaven only knows who.  Estate taxes are nothing less than a confiscation of private property without compensation and have no place in modern society; they're nothing less than an effort to prevent the endowment of an American privileged "class."  Well, folks, I'm here to tell you that there are several "privileged" classes in this country -- finding them only takes a tweaking of the definition of the adjective "privileged" and I'm pretty fed up with being the source of their endowments.

So, soon to be ex-Speaker Pelosi has marshaled her troops for one last ultra-liberal, communist hoorah to fight an extension of the current tax rates for everyone (while still retaining the very worst marriage penalty in eons) and to gig anyone for having the gall to die with accumulated wealth of over five million dollars (and that would not be Moogie or Pepper, if anyone's curious, so I don't have an actual dog in this hunt.  But it surely could be small business owners or family farms, and I do eat!).  I say it's time to put the "Speaker" in suspended animation until the next Congress convenes.  She and her minions are nothing more than anachronistic hold-over hippies, dreaming of an impossible idyllic communal life, and they need to heed the voters who recently told them to STFU.

I am sooooo ready for 2012.

Pardon my rather salty language today.  I had to do something to let off steam and hold apoplexy in abeyance.

On the bright side, I had a very good six-month follow-up screening yesterday and am good to go until June!  Woo hoo!


  1. Yeppers, this topic sends me into hysterics, too. In case you were unaware, it is impossible to receive Social Security if number one, you stayed home and raised the kids, and number two, you are the owner of over 1500 acres of prime farm land. My grandmother was never able to draw a stinking penny of my grandfather's FICA. So, FDR's safety net was not too sturdy, unless Mimi is supposed to sell that land that has been in my family since 1840.

    What about Obama's statement that he doesn't want to let singles that make 200k and couples that make 250k keep the tax rates? Which one of the couple is only worth 50k?

    Moogie, there is so much wrong with DC right now, we should just nuke it from orbit.

  2. Yeah -- I knew about the farm thing and the marriage penalty just grabs my goat.

    I'll dig up a launcher if you can score some plutonium!

  3. I don't have a dog in this hunt, either. But I'm not too far off from your sentiments about all this shi'ite, Moogie. What galls me is those stupid freakin' Democrat congresscritters who fail to realize Obama won and won big in this latest boondoggle. We... the American taxpayers... will soon be on the hook for yet ANOTHER freakin' trillion dollar addition to the deficit and all those idjits in Pelosi's caucus can do is whine about The One not "putting up a fight." It boggles the mind, it does.

    Sweet Jesus.

  4. Boggled. And I am due to get an extra dose. I live in the formerly known Golden State. Now among the brokest in the land. And due to get worse with Jerry "Moonbeam" Brown taking office next month. Along with the overly liberal dumbass legislature we have, it is going to get rough. Looking for civilian Air Force jobs in Nevada and Arizona.

  5. My deepest sympathies, ORPO. And good luck!